8 September 2015, by Mandy Loh

Caris starts school!

In the blink of an eye, my teeny weeny baby has turned 18 months old! And that means she can finally start attending playschool!

The playschool that Cristan and Caris are attending starts the new school term this week, which is rather strange isn’t it, because it is school holidays for everybody else.

Kor kor proudly holding mei mei's hand to bring her to school

Kor kor proudly holding mei mei’s hand to bring her to school

Pardon Caris’ unkempt hairstyle. I had wanted to tie her hair into two cute ponytails, but she cried and pulled them right off after I had finished tying them! So I guess she prefers her hair just the way it is. All the better for me since mornings are already crazy enough.

Family photo for the big day

Family photo to remember the big day

Poor 2nd child…while we had made a huge deal over Cristan’s first day of school, Caris’ was quite a non-event. In fact, Tim even asked me if he really needed to be there! And even though he eventually grudgingly agreed to come along, he was hurrying me to get out fast so that he could get to the office. If I recall correctly, Tim had taken half a day off for Cristan’s first day of school!

Fortunately for all of us, Caris was already super comfortable in the school, since she has accompanied me to drop off and pick up Cristan almost every day. She happily went right in without a fuss or even a backward glance, leaving mommy feeling quite relieved, but yet at the same time, a little bit forlorn.

I had been looking forward to Caris starting school so that I will have some precious time to myself in the mornings. But then all of a sudden, I was struck by pangs of sadness. A case of “empty nest syndrome”? My little munchkin had been by my side for so long, it felt so quiet and strange without her! I suppose I felt the same way when Cristan started school, but it’s slightly different because Caris is most probably our last child (unless I can convince Tim otherwise), and now its like my littlest baby is all grown up! A rather bittersweet new chapter of my motherhood journey.

The lovely teachers at the preschool made it a point to take photos to show me how Caris was doing in school. And from the looks of it, she’s doing splendidly!

Concentrating hard at the sand pit

Concentrating hard at the sand pit

Thrilled at water play!

Enjoying her water play!

Making a huge mess at lunch... but happily self-feeding!

Making a huge mess at lunch… but happily self-feeding!

When I went to pick both kiddos up after lunch, I was fully expecting some tears or a joyful hug from Caris when she saw me. But nope, she just gave me a quick glance and went back to her drawing. Okaaay, guess I wasn’t missed very much!

At pick-up, looking very happy with her first day of school

At pick-up, looking very happy with her first day of school

All in all, I’m really glad that Caris has transitioned so smoothly. Her teachers tell me she readily participates in the activities and hardly cries or fusses. Cristan is also very happy that mei mei has joined him in school, and I’m sure Caris likes having her kor kor around too. Fingers crossed everything stays happy and dandy!

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