14 July 2015, by Evelyn Tan

Playing with Elliott

It’s been such a long time I have penned my blog entries, I must start today’s with a BIG apology! Between homeschooling the kids, running the family and doing a little part time hosting work here and there, I have so little time left for myself it’s a wonder if I can still do what the title of my blog says. But yes, play I must! Why?

Not just to bond with my child but also because – I remember this from my early childhood education course – play is work for their little minds because as children play, their brains are making the connections with what they experience in their daily life; synapses are made for a better wired brain, hopefully translating to a more intelligent child. In fact, another reason why we should encourage play is also because this is where self control is practiced again and again in a non-threatening, uncoerced way.

I’ll relate to you what happened recently – even though Elliott is now 20 months old, still 4 months shy of being a 2-year-old, all the terrible two symptoms are out in full force already! Very often he will scream and whine to get things done his way (since he still hasn’t starting speaking yet, so naturally…), and when we try to get him to do something, he will often do right the opposite.

Recently, as part of the superherome_sg project, kor kor Jairus and I made him a superhero costume with recycled materials and when we put it on him, and asked him to pose for us or do this and do that, he did all that we asked him to. Does he know what a superhero is, I don’t think so, but why does he comply so well?  Because he thinks it’s play and is fun. Did he enjoy it? Totally! And was it hard to get him to practise listening and obeying mama, not at all! This was simply soothing balm for mama’s ego after having her instructions not been heeded, all the other times!


So throw out those tablets and tune out the tv!  It is time to don on the masak masak role play clothes and get serious play underway. For me at least, it will be a treat after the hours I put in on the ‘school work ‘ with the older kids after homeschooling them; and what a lovely way to bond, isn’t it?  (By the way, the reason why I got a chance to write this blog is because I am right now on a plane to join Kristen in Paris – she was there a week ago with Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir to perform at the Singapore en France Festival and I am joining her after her performances to enjoy romantic Paris together 🙂 Yeah, more (much long-awaited and deserved) play! Look out for my next post about our trip there soon!

Elliot Birdman

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Posted on : July 14, 2015

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