6 March 2015, by Tan Li Lin

Our Best 25 Hours Indoor To Date… @ Oasia Hotel Singapore

Least you expect this to be yet another “staycation blog post raving about – duh – how good the hotel is“, I’ll confess upfront that I have nothing negative to report. Oasia Hotel ranks amongst one of the top staycations Ronald and I have experienced over our 3 years of dating.


(Why romantic staycations are much-needed nowadays >>> read my previous entry)

Honestly, I’d be happy spending time with Ronald just about anywhere. But it makes heck a lot of difference when a host understands such sacred time isn’t one to take for granted. Have you ever had an experience of staying at an accommodation which you knew you would never ever go back to, much less recommend to family or friends? Not with Oasia Hotel, where their little acts of thoughtfulness went a long way. This was the distinguishing difference that made us REALLY happy campers during our stay at Oasia Hotel.

And of course, happy wives = hmmhmmhmmhappy husbands.


Happy squirrels – that glow on our faces tells it all.

I ditched my day’s plan – which included eating awesome chicken rice, korean food and shopping for vintage finds at Square 2. In fact, we didn’t even STEP OUT OF THE HOTEL.

Here’s why (and how) we spent 25 hours in the hotel:

It was difficult to tear myself away from the room (~ 16 hours)

I am an outdoorsy person. There’s only so much time I can spend on my bed. Ronald is the opposite, so he was probably really happy I wasn’t bugging him to go out.

1. The bed was so comfortable that whilst we were lying down, he sat up in all seriousness and asked me,

“HEY BABY. How do we get our bed to be this comfortable??!?”

“Huh? Erm. I suppose it’s the fluffy mattress pad?”

“Okay. I’m going to buy one for our bed. This thing here.. this is the duvet right? We already have this?”

“Yes baby….. we already have that. That’s what we are currently sleeping under every night….”

Utterly pleased with his new discovery, he plonked back down to continue watching TV.

2. From where I lie, I stare straight out at the Bukit Timah reserve – the green is therapeutic. It was fun just watching the cloud formations over time. At 2am, the city view was peacefully beautiful. At 7am, the sunrise cast a golden glow as it woke up the city.

3. The Club Rooms / Club Suites (unlike the Superior and Deluxe Rooms) are zen-inspired and thoughtfully designed – trademark of award-winning Japanese interior designer, Takashi Sugimoto. All room utilities are hidden, keeping the room spacious (and child-friendly). The toilet has a bath, shower head and rain shower option, the jets are strong and – this is SO IMPORTANT to me – the water runs off into a covered drain. It doesn’t clog (I have a lot of hair…) or worse still flood (absolutely hate that).


Club Room experience = 8 hours of indulging

1. With the Club Room / Club Suite, you get to enjoy the Club experience. I had no idea what that entailed – until we found ourselves stuffed quite silly with cocktails and nibbles. Free-flow alcohol, daily cocktails, barista-served coffees, teas and soft drinks (the hazelnut steamed milk is so good!) AND a pretty good spread laid out for you in the Oasia Club Lounge, The Living Room from 6-8pm. Best enjoyed with a book. Ronald did some work on the Club Lounge free Wifi. We sat indoors until the sunset pulled us outdoors by the pool.



It’s hard to miss such a spectacular sight from 22 floors up in the sky.

2. Exclusive use of the pool and the Jacuzzi up on L22 and whole-day drinks and snacks in the Club Lounge. Breakfast is served up here as well, so you won’t have to wrestle your way through the main buffet breakfast (downstairs). The food isn’t absolutely fantastic (The Marmalade Pantry makes up for that) but good enough for second rounds.

All the times we were on the exclusive L22, it was peaceful and quiet. Except cocktail hour, it was mostly just the 2 of us. Even though there were several other couples and small families enjoying cocktail hour, it never got noisy and out of hand.


Tanned, soaked, steamed and sauna-ed

A wellness theme runs throughout Oasia Hotel, since Oasia takes its inspiration from being an ‘Oasis in the city’ for business travelers. This is infused in their beverage offers, from detoxifying teas to free Vitamin Water bottles. Soaps are from THANN, a well-known Thai natural skincare aromatherapy brand.

We could choose between the pools and jacuzzi at L8 and L22. We tanned at the outdoor L8 pool for a while, before spending another 2 hours up on L22 soaking, reading and napping (the breeze puts you to sleep). We ended our ‘spa’ round with the steam room and the sauna.


The Marmalade Pantry at Novena

I was squirming with excitement when I found out that The Marmalade Pantry has opened its latest branch right here at Oasia Hotel! Ronald and I have found their Carbonara to be one of the best we’ve had – it’s tasty but not overly creamy you’d feel like giving up halfway through. It didn’t matter that I was already full from the cocktails (heh)… I had to put that pasta in my mouth!

We had tea here again the next day. This tea set is bound to make you happy – the generous-sized cupcakes already do half the job. Ronald gobbled his PeanutButter & Chocolate one in 10 minutes. I only started on my S’mores cupcake after 10 minutes of admiring it.


So, Oasia ranked one of the top for us because they really keep you busying just relaxing-indulging, and I’d rate that good because I didn’t even feel compelled to step outside. 


But the cherry on the top for me is the service we received from the staff – all of them are so pleasant, happy, chatty and polite. They make it a point to address you by your name. They’d check in on how everything is and run through other facilities and activities available for our enjoyment. The Club Lounge staff explain their cocktail ingredients and even make latte art. They offered to take photos for us without me even asking. Beyond that, I love how Oasia thinks for their guests. They filled our bath with rose petals and bubbles. The L22 Jacuzzi is heated because it gets really cold up there. The gym machines offer the option to watch Youtube because there isn’t much of a view to stare out to.

There wasn’t a moment I had to bother thinking about where or what or how – everything was anticipated  – which meant little things didn’t upset me (because they usually do and I get annoyed when service isn’t impeccable) – which MEANS I’m a happy chirpy wife = Ronald’s a happy husband for 2 stress-free days… 😛

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“Hotel Oasia is one of the hotels featured in ILC’s Staycation Specials”.

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