9 February 2015, by Tan Li Lin

Romantic weekend getaway @ Village Hotel Changi

As newly-weds, it is difficult to get quiet time away. Even though Ronald and I both work from home, we hardly get any privacy of our own. In our dating years, that would take the form of staycations, for obvious reasons. However since we got married, our financial priority shifted towards saving for our house and our future. Overtime, it seemed like we put our romance and intimacy on hold for a more practical reasons; daily stress got in the way of quality intimacy. So, we were thrilled when Village Hotel Changi offered to host us for a night… a staycation was just what we needed to reconnect like the old days.

Our romantic weekend getaway at Village Hotel Changi was fantastic. It felt like a prolonged date that stretched across a good 24 hours with no disturbances. I had Ronald all to myself (no work came between us) and that put me in such a good mood I didn’t even mind if he was still on that mobile game from time to time… I just had to make sure I kept his hands busy enough.


We were greeted by a cosy, newly refurbished room, sunny colours and a clear view of the sea. Oh and YES. A bathtub (albeit a small one)…but better than nothing! Finally, my bubble bath soaps and scents can be put to good use after sitting under my toilet sink for years.


Just a 5 minute walk away from the hotel is ‘Kakis’, tucked away in a quiet corner. Kakis reminds me of a book I read growing up – The Secret Garden. There was only 1 other family enjoying drinks there. The sunset rays casted a magical golden hue on the garden; the wind serenaded the leaves. Nature was flirting with us. We sat happy with our drinks – Milo Ice and Mojito (made from their freshly grown Mint leaves!) – and dreamt up our apartment balcony ideas that were so in line with what we were experiencing here. We were so happy to have serendipitously stumbled upon this place, and know now where to take classes on vertical planting for our balcony.


It’s really nice of Village Hotel Changi to offer a complimentary hour of bicycle rental. Cycling is the perfect way to discover the little mysteries that Changi still offers; at the end of it we felt that an hour really wasn’t quite enough.

The hotel reception provides useful maps. It’s an easy cycle along the coast (solid pavements hug the coast in a continuous path). We started off from the colourful Changi Village market (which has everything you’ll ever need), past the jetty with bumboats, through flat sandy beaches, bobbing yachts, colonial chalets, deep-green forests, and lanes with glimpses of the hauntingly majestic Old Changi Hospital. We both agreed this was way more fun than cycling along East Coast Road!







The hawker centre is right next to the bicycle rental shop. You can’t ignore the hungry crowd and queues that snake outside various ‘famous’ Nasi Lemak stalls. Alternatively, there is Le Cantina which sits atop the Village Hotel Changi that offers a gorgeous sunset sea view served up with awesome pizza. Since we had celebrated my Mom’s birthday lunch there before, we opted for local hawker fare. We were hopeful and planned to save some tummy space for desserts at one of the nearby cafes, but ended up too full. All Ron wanted to do was to head back to the hotel to lie in bed and cuddle. Ohh. Fine by me. But first, let me buy some chocolate cake to eat off.. together.










TV. Yes, we watched The Prince of Persia showing on one of the channels. Blame it on the bed that was so comfy we didn’t quite want to move. Ron loves the fact they provide four pillows: “At least they aren’t stingy.” We relished the King size bed too, unlike back home where we do worry about falling off. The white sheets are so romantic. The day’s activities had put me in a happy mood – yummy food, quality time exploring the neighbourhood, star gazing on the roof-top pool deck, bubble bath + chocolate cake… best of all, Ron was with me the whole time (no noisy games or youtube shows). Both glowing and happy, we spent a long time just cuddling and giggling like teenagers in love.










We woke up to sunlight streaming through into our room. Love the amount of light that makes its way into the hotel. The Saltwater Cafe with floor to ceiling windows is bright and full of cheery colors. The breakfast buffet does cover a wide range of food – from salads to local nibbles to Indian snacks. I did wish they focused more on a small, quality range instead though. Comforted myself with the idea of Changi Village Nasi Lemak later.










Yes… poolS. There are two available for our choosing. We chilled out a little at the Creek Pool right outside the breakfast lounge, before making our way up to the rooftop pool for a relaxing dip.

We had such a great time at the pool. It is a humble size, but the view, sun, breeze and idyllic landscaping was quite difficult to tear away from. I especially loved the submerged ‘tanning / viewing’ feature, and we just lay there chatting for a long time.




















…getting a massage downstairs, chilling out at Coastal Settlement, or cycling around the Colonial buildings. I barely even squeezed in half my plan of activities, but spending undistracted time with Ronald was priority. A good two nights would be a dream and almost the ideal romantic Singapore getaway.

It was only upon check-out when I seriously considered Village Hotel Changi’s upgrade promotion and realised it’s a steal. I asked to view the Suite, and had to contain myself from dancing around the large toilet. You just need to pay an additional $100 for an upgrade to the Junior Suite. I totally would in all honesty. It’s way more roomy, still boasts good views, is in a quiet corner of the hallway with excess to the executive lounge and cocktails. But best of all, the bathtub makes it worth it. I could spend a whole night in there. (If you’re feeling rich, add another $30 to indulge in the Executive Suite, which is even bigger and comes with a naughty toilet feature.)

The Village Hotel Changi staycation was wonderful ‘us’ time, and I was quite hesitant to leave. It’s the perfect place to get away from the world and just indulge in each other.

Complimentary accommodation is provided for the purpose of reviewing the service.  All content provided here represents the blogger’s personal experience and is for information purposes only. It does not in any way represent the views of I Love Children or Maybe Baby.

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