6 February 2015, by Evelyn Tan

OMG, my boy is already 15 months old?!!

Hello there! It has been awhile since I have written — boy have I been busy! With kids falling sick one after another (that usually happens isn’t it?), wrapping up the previous year with Christmas celebrations and then preparing for Kristen’s 10th birthday on new year’s day and finally getting plans and preparation underway for the the children’s academic year ahead (I homeschool in case the new readers don’t know.); the last couple of months really just flew past in a blur and we are now already at the end of January 2015! Golly, time really flies!

My 4 "babies" starting the new year with their  "thumbs up " (in their mouths!)

My 4 “babies” starting the new year with their “thumbs up ” (in their mouths!)

I didn’t realize this before but today I looked at Elliott and something hit me. He is now 15 months but I must say of all the kids, he has to be the one who grew up most swiftly! It seemed not long ago that I was just doing my confinement and now my boy can walk, even talk –he can say Mama, Jie Jie and even Nai Nai (granny) and sighs a great deal especially when he wants food! Basically I would say he understands everything that is happening around him and would even attempt to communicate his thoughts to us.

Recently, while carrying him on one arm, I placed his shoes at the roof of the car to free my other hand to look for the car keys to lock the door. He saw me do that and immediately pointed to the shoes and made some noise as if to say, “Hey, those are mine, don’t forget to bring them back!” I didn’t remember any of my other kids being this ‘advanced ‘ when they were 15 months old.

Maybe all that ‘speedy growing up’ had been borne more out of necessity otherwise the older ones would ‘have their way with him’, which can sometimes be very unpleasant — think: tickling him as and when they like, carrying him away for a hug when he is obviously enjoying himself practicing walking, sharing his food without asking him if it’s ok, etc. This boy has ‘been through more’ than any of his siblings. And it has commando-trained him to be tougher to fight back for his biscuits!

Even though these are some of the ‘nasty’ things the siblings do to Elliott, you can tell that they love each other to pieces. Often, Kristen would gladly help me watch him by playing with him his toys (which are obviously too childish for her now, but she doesn’t mind for his sake) and Jairus would just cuddle up with him on bed to ‘chit chat’ with him. Even Way will make sure that whenever they are sharing amongst themselves any food that Elliott can eat, Elliott will be given an equal portion like the rest of them.

I really look forward to this new year’s of exciting growth and development, not just the cognitive and physical advancement and milestones Elliott will attain but also the strengthening of the bonds between siblings. I now understand why my parents have always emphasized the need for my brother and I to be in loving harmony with each other. It’s true, apart from our parents, we are the closest ones to each other and it is such a joy when parents can witness the love and care sibling have for each other!

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Kelly Tay

June 2nd, 2015 at 6:43 pm    

Hi Evelyn, appreciate your advice on homeschooling.


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