1 December 2014, by Jim Lim

About Jim

Jim is a father of 3 lovely children – Ethan (7 years old), Chloe (4 years old) and Brandon (2 years old) and blissfully married to his wife, Joanne for 10 years. Social Work brought him and his wife together as they met each other while pursuing their degrees in NUS. It was interesting that as neither of them wanted to be a Social Worker when they began our studies there!

Although Jim had a difficult childhood, he always wanted to be a father when he was young. But he was also very afraid of what kind of father he would be, as the only reference he had then was his parents. Growing up in a violent environment, he feared becoming a father who would resort to violence and threats on his own children. When he became an aspiring Social Worker, he mentored several youths and became like a “father” to them. These “children” gradually gave him an intimate understanding of what fatherhood can be. He realised that he need not allow the scars of his past to affect his future. He can choose to work on what kind of father he wants to be.

Join him as he shares about his parenthood journey. Maybe, you will be inspired to become a parent yourself! 🙂

Posted on : December 1, 2014

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