25 August 2014, by Tan Li Lin

Bali Wedding Part 3: 30 Days to D-DAY

Our Bali cliff-top wedding party is now less than a month away!


The cover photo of our private wedding Facebook event page

Our villa is fixed, our sunset backdrop awaits, and it’s now on to preparing the party details.

6 months to D-DAY

Wedding woes and villa hunting started 6 months before. We took a week to pull our research together, shortlist the villas that we were interested in and make arrangements to view them. I also contacted several wedding planners and arranged to meet 2 of them who could work with our budget. After a short villa hunting trip to Bali, we decided on our villa and menu within the week, but not without some hiccups. Once the location was fixed, it was on to invitations!

5 months to D-DAY

I’m quite glad I didn’t have to start arranging my wedding a year in advance. While planning isn’t a chore for me, I plan better on adrenaline. Which usually means last minute planning… I’ve found that the pressure forces out my creativity and gets things done faster. The intensity makes it feel more purposeful, as dragging projects becomes a chore after a while. We hurried to confirm our wedding location only to ensure our guests have time to take leave and start looking out for cheap flights.

Once the venue was set, I created a Facebook private page for all my wedding guests. I figured it was the best place to consolidate information and post photos – but I soon learnt that Facebook group pages gets quite confusing especially when it automatically sets up an ‘event’ page. In the following months friends would vaguely remember a theme and dress-code floating around somewhere on cyber space. That’s how effective it was. So, I left it be, and just used messenger pigeons to obtain their addresses and send the official invitations out.


“Hear ye hear ye!” No town criers or gossip tabloids to spread the news.

Being extremely particular about the wedding theme and dressing, I pulled together a style mood board to help inspire my guests.

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.38.39 pm

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 4.41.47 pm

A summery, bright cheery palette ensures we don’t blend into the darkness of the night (esp. in photos!)

Half the fun is dreaming up the ambiance of the party – the dress code, decor, table setting and additional ‘fringe’ activities.  (But I’ll save the decor ‘surprise’ for you in an upcoming blog entry of the ACTUAL wedding party.)

 4, 3, 2 months to D-DAY

Do nothing much. Focus on work. Take a 3 week trip with Ronald and friends to Europe (more on that in another blog entry). By now, most of our guests have booked their flight tickets and arranged their accommodation between them. Some are even planning a dive trip after the wedding.

1 month to D-DAY

After getting distracted by everything else that is Life, I suddenly realize that the wedding party is 30 days away. Oops. Time to start getting into action.

Most of the wedding arrangements are taken care of by the wedding planner, which leaves us space to handle…

i) Transport plans – to get to the villa, you have to go off-track onto unpaved roads. Most drivers won’t know how to get there, and neither is it reflected on GPS (if you were wondering). The only way to drive in is to get led in by the Villa care-taker/driver. That means we need to arrange for car loads of guests in… and out. We need to obtain our guests accommodation addresses and find out if they are hiring their own drivers, or if we’d need to pick them up for the party and send them home after in batches. Like children after a school trip.

ii) Wedding favors – it took us the last week to finally settle on a humble, personalized gift that each guest will receive. We wanted something that is customized, practical, and that looks good and classy. We’re quite happy to have found something that will double up as a table place card too. Of course, the bride and groom’s family get special things…. but they’re probably reading this so I won’t spill too much…

iii) Music list – Groan. I haven’t even started. I have to compile music for a 5 hour affair, starting off with loungy evening chill music, dinner music and eventually build up into dance music (can’t wait!)

iv) Alcohol – because the alcohol tax in Bali is high, alcoholic beverage packages are just not worth it for guests who don’t breathe booze and hard liquor. We will have to bring our own in – but that means finding time to hunt good wines.

This week though, I’ve a major task on hand – to alter my wedding dress that I ordered online. Our stout little Asian bodies (okay, MY stout Asian body) swim in gowns with bodices that are too long. Right now, my bust darts are hanging at my stomach. I suppose this ought to take some priority.

Which reminds me then – I’m off to the seamstress!

More to come! Stay tuned.

Lin Tan is an Entrepreneur and an Executive Coach who dedicates more time to making society a better place over making babies (for now). Follow her blog on ilovechildren.sg/blog and journey with her as she embarks on all things ‘life after 30′.

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