7 May 2014, by Kelvin Ang

Things I Love about my Wife

May is a double whammy of sorts in this family of mine. First, the wifey’s birthday, then Mother’s Day. It is a double wallet crusher that somehow always catches me off-guard, sprinting around town collecting gift receipts the day before. All in a good way, of course.

More importantly though, today is her birthday. And after 15 years (10 being legally married) of being together, I still love her and it appears that she still loves me. So in celebration the wifey’s birthday, here are 15 things I love about her. (I would have gladly done a list in honour of her actual age, but something tells me I will have to sleep in the bathroom if I did that.)

The first is obviously a shoo-in – she loves me (1), even on the days I make that difficult. I love that my wife is a marvelous mum to our three monkies (2). She is patient (3), but always forgiving (4). Even though sometimes her job saps every ounce of energy from her, she still revels in taking on multiple roles of a chef, referee, doctor, counselor and teacher (5) in the family.

When she laughs (6), it is impossible not to laugh with her. And when she simply smiles (7), I smile too because it is intuitive. I love that she insists on holding my hand (8), even when I’m grumpy. She would have no qualms sharing her last bite of ice cream with me if I asked her to (9), something I am ashamed to say I would have a hard time doing myself!

She is extremely nice to my parents (10), and the perfect daughter-in-law I can ever find for my parents. Come to think of it, she is extremely nice to everyone, always putting everyone at ease with her good nature (11). She reminds me to always see the good in everyone (12), especially in our monkies, and to appreciate them for the human beings that they are.

I love that she does not pretend to be perfect (13), but strives to be better than the day before. I love that she is easily contented (14) – a trip to Melaka or Penang will bring her just as much joy as a holiday to Australia – as long as it enjoyed with the family.

Above all,  I love my wifey because she makes me a better person (15).

But you know what’s amazing? As I went about writing this blog post, I realized that I had a problem – it was challenging in keeping the things that I love about my wife to such a low number!

But I guess that sums everything up in the nicest way possible. That I am so lucky to be hers and to be able to call her mine.

Happy Birthday, Dearrie.



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May 8th, 2014 at 11:17 pm    

Awww, this is really so nice. She is indeed so blessed to have you as her hubs!

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