31 March 2014, by Kelvin Ang

10 Games to Play with your Kids while Waiting

Sitting in traffic, standing in line or waiting in restaurants should be a breeze. Unless you have kids in tow… which probably means a nuclear meltdown is imminent.

These days, the best way to keep them busy (and shut them up) while waiting usually comes in the form of an electronic device but I would like to think there are better options out there.

So if you are looking for waiting games for kids to keep your little ones happy (and maybe quiet) while waiting, you have come to the right place. These games require absolutely nothing in order to play! No batteries, no chargers, no worrying if they will get wet or broken. All that is required is just you and your kids and a little bit of time.


Thumb Wrestling

Lock your right hand with your opponent’s hand with thumbs up. Move your thumbs side to side and you both chant “One! Two! Three! Go!” and then try to pin your opponent’s thumb with your thumb without letting go of their fingers. Once pinned, your opponent has ten seconds to wiggle free before you win.


Here is another game that kids can play using their hands. Chopsticks is a game of strategy and a small portion of math. It is a fun game, fairly easy to play, but difficult to explain. But here is a detailed explanation of the rules involved!

Scissors, Paper, Stone

Yet another game to keep those tiny hands busy, but I don’t think this game needs any further explanation.

The ABC Game

Pick a topic like cartoons, movies, animals, food, etc. First person starts by choosing a word that begins with ‘A’ in the selected category. The next person continues by selecting a word that begins with ‘B’ in the same category and so on. The game keeps going until you get to the end of the alphabet. Want to make it even more challenging? Have each person remember everything the person before had said and add on their chosen word in the alphabetical order. Whoever fails to remember all the words will be out of the game.

I Spy

The phrase “I spy with my little eye, something ___” was coined in the early 20th century, and the game has become widely popular, even generating riddle books. Provide an adjective about what you see and watch as the other players attempt to find it.

Memory Game

Test your child’s observation skills in this memory game challenge. Choose a direction in the place you are at for him/her to stare for 20-30 seconds. Then have them turn around and take turns to say out the names of everything they remember seeing in that direction. Whoever is stumped when it comes to their turn loses.

Don’t Laugh CopyCat!

As the leader you can move any way you wish, or choose exaggerated facial expressions. Everyone must copy you… WITHOUT laughing! Not even a giggle. Anyone who laughs is out of the game!

Let’s Tell a Story

This should be nothing new but it is definitely a great way to pass the time. One person gets the ball rolling by making up the beginning of a story. The next person picks up and starts adding to the story. With kids, you can be sure that the story is bound to get sillier and sillier but that’s the beauty of it, no? Not to mention it might just aid in the kids having to think creatively!

The Telephone Game

This game is ideally played with a larger group of kids. Whisper a fairly long phrase into the ear of the first child and have he/she then whisper what the exact phrase into the next person’s ear. Have the last person in the chain to say the phrase aloud and see how much of it has changed! Cue giggles and laughter all around.


Someone would shout “ALPHABET!” and everyone will have to find all the letters of the alphabet the fastest and in order at the place you are at. This game is great while being stuck in the car during road trips. Godd luck in trying to find things that start with either ‘Q’ or ‘X’ though!


Hope you will enjoy playing these silly, no fuss games with your kids the next time you are stuck waiting for something or someone. If you have any other waiting games to share, do leave them in the comments!

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