21 February 2014, by Mandy Loh

Doubbles Arrives Early!

What a surprise! I was quite sure that our baby girl would arrive on or near EDD, similar to Cristan, but she came out almost a week early!

It so happened to be one of those rare days that Tim decided to stay up late to rush out some work. He finished at 3.45am, and as he was shutting down his laptop, I lumbered (yes literally, as my belly felt extremely heavy) to the bathroom. We crossed paths, and he asked in a slightly worried fashion if I was ok. I said yes, and then jokingly added “If Doubbles decides to come out today, you’ll be in trouble!”

Well well, it turned out to be pretty prophetic, because just a while later, at 6am, I started having contractions!

At 7am, after monitoring for an hour and ascertaining that there were indeed contractions happening at regular intervals, I woke Tim up with these words “Bad news…you really can’t sleep! Baby’s coming!”

The contractions progressed quite quickly at home, and by 8am they were already 5 minutes apart, which meant we really should be heading to the hospital. We dropped Cristan off at playschool along the way, and made it to the Mount Alvernia delivery suite by 9am.

This is when things took a U-turn into Slow-ville: from 9am to 12noon, while lying on the hospital bed getting my CTG readings (to monitor contractions and baby’s heartbeat) the contractions SLOWED DOWN to almost 8-minute intervals, and Tim and I spent a few boring hours just spacing out/ watching MTV. Strangely, whenever I hooked off the CTG monitor and walked around, the contractions quickened to 3-minute intervals. It was really weird!

When things are slow-going, take pics! And yes, that's the same Pretty Pusher dress I used for Cristan's birth! :)

When things are slow-going, take pics!
And yes, that’s the same Pretty Pusher delivery dress I used for Cristan’s birth! 🙂

I decided to speed things up and stayed on my feet more, which made the contractions more intense very quickly. By 1.30pm, I needed the aid of Entonox to get through each contraction. I was a little frustrated that my doctor, who was supposed to come and rupture my water bag, was taking her time to arrive. But thankfully, during a particularly intense contraction, my water finally broke on its own. Phew! At least we’re getting somewhere!

Just as I wondered if my doctor was going to miss Doubbles’ birth like she did previously with Cristan’s, she sailed into the delivery suite, took a quick look at me…and turned to head out the door! I was in the midst of a contraction, and let out a loud cavewoman-like guttural grunt which roughly translated to: “WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!?!?”

Turns out she REALLY needed to go to the bathroom, but to be fair she was back really fast. And there was not a moment to lose. As soon as my doctor was ready, I started to push – rather involuntarily –  as the urge to bear down overwhelmed me. From the edge of my consciousness, I heard some vague instructions about not pushing too fast, to allow my body to slowly stretch as baby’s head emerged. (A good reminder, since we went for pre-natal classes 3 years ago and had forgotten most things!) So I did my best to control the pushing, pausing whenever I felt a stretch. Within 10 minutes, our baby girl was out! And I’m proud to say I hardly needed a stitch!

Thank God for a smooth delivery and a strong, healthy, beautiful baby girl! Introducing our daughter, Caris Loh Yun Zhi, born Monday 10 February 2014, at 2.47pm.

Our newest addition...but she looks a bit alien-like, perhaps the wrap was too tight...

Our newest addition…but she looks a bit alien-like here, fresh out of the womb!

A slightly more flattering picture of Caris, with Minnie Mouse - a gift from Cristan to Mei Mei!

A slightly more flattering picture of Caris, with Minnie Mouse – a gift from Cristan Kor Kor to Mei Mei!

Welcome to the family, our darling sweetheart! =) We love you very much already!

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Mandy Loh


June 26th, 2014 at 6:59 pm    

Hey Alice, that’s awesome! All the best on your upcoming birth experience! May it be all you hope for and more! A smooth, safe, fast, easy and beautiful natural birth!


June 25th, 2014 at 5:07 am    

That’s so cool! I am coming to my 38 weeks and been thinking about the birth experience I want to have. Haven’t been thinking about it until now…blame procrastination and laziness =S

I find that having a birth plan too stressful as I always think life doesn’t go according to plan. You give me assurance that I dont need to have a birth plan to have a beautiful natural birth. =) maybe just a few key point to highlight to the hospital on what I want.

Praying all will go well! =)

Mandy Loh


June 24th, 2014 at 12:49 am    

Hi Alice,
It’s quite funny actually! I fully intended to do my birth plan but popped before getting around to it. (Procrastination is baaad…)

So I just verbally told the nurse in the delivery suite my preferences and she wrote it down on a piece of paper. That was the birth plan! Basically, I wanted (and had) a natural drug-free birth, no episiotomy, and skin-to-skin contact with baby right after birth.


June 22nd, 2014 at 7:09 am    

Hi Mandy,
Just curious, do you have a birth plan for your 2nd time round? Or you just went with flow but knowing you want a drug free natural birth?

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