17 February 2014, by Tan Li Lin

Same Same, But Better – A New Year as Mrs.

Many older, married couples claim that Ronald and I are still in our honeymoon phase.

Here’s the truth:


New Year goodies increase our heart rate, give us a glow-y rush and leave a smile on our faces permanently.


Adorable toddler props make us look all ready for parenthood.


He finishes my sentences because I can only juggle oranges and manage “ma daaooooo……”


We practice “the hip press” which make us look all cuddly in love but actually aims to disguise those hips.

Jokes aside, honestly I don’t know what on earth is a honeymoon phase. I’ve feel as happy as I did 3+ years ago when we started dating. Ronald still makes me smile, cracks me up, makes me feel loved and lets me love him back. I’m pretty sure he feels the same way.

Right hubz?

No response.

Playing DOTA.

Proof yet again that Marriage doesn’t take the game out of the boy Man.

2014 is our 4th CNY together. It was awesome, because we still got to collect Ang Baos!


Well firstly, I’m just grateful that it is another year I get to spend with all the people I love.


Same family portrait every year… (well, sort of. These babies keep popping up every year)


Same awesome breakfast we wake up to.


Same annual routines.


Same shirt my bro wears every CNY.


Same rowdy clan dinners.

But amongst all the comforting predictable yearly rituals, some things remind me that Life never stops one bit, and every year brings change unbeknownst to us as yet:


Coco’s visibly growing taller, longer, wider and more devious all at once – a huge indicator that time passes us by silently but surely.


A human infant randomly emerged one day, and hasn’t stopped eating and expanding since (guess where the Ang Bao ended up next)


I have another Mom and Dad to “bai nian” to this year, and officially partake in family rituals, like visiting the temple.


Ron and I have upgraded to dishing out Ang Baos – Dan here supervising the handover ceremony.

And – oh how I dread this – but Ronald gets the occasional “Yi Zhang” now. He’s certainly growing to look like one.

Chinese New Year is the perfect time to “take stock” of what we have to be grateful for at the end – and the new start – of a year. And with all the above, I know that I have everything I need to face the year ahead.

I hope your festivities were joyful and meaningful this year. Remember to cherish every moment before the year gallops past in the blink of an eye!

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