31 December 2013, by Tan Yi Lin

And That’s A Wrap: A Year In An Entry


I’ll bet you all thought that my previous entry dated 30 Dec would be the last one from me for 2013.

Well, I thought I would be posting this entry in place of the previous one. Then a conversation with a friend ignited my inspiration and sparked a sentimental post on our journey to parenthood. Plus, it was Dannie’s birthday and I thought that a birthday tribute would make an interesting gift in addition to the two ties that I got for him (bo-ring, I know!)

Back to this entry.

2013 has been an eventful year for us, so much so that we’re flat-out exhausted and feeling completely drained on the last day of the year. While there are instances when I feel that I could have been a more patient, nurturing and joyful mother in the face of constant whinging and temper tantrums, I’m happy to leave behind 2013 with no regrets for there have also been many, many blessings to be thankful for.

The monthly highlights in pictures from 2013 say it all.

A Smooth Pregnancy

We are grateful for a smooth pregnancy despite the sadness of losing Twin B and how tiny Claire was in-utero due to what appeared as a single umbilical artery. It’s amazing that Claire has since (more than) blossomed into a beautiful, healthy, super-chubby baby measuring at the 75th percentile of the growth chart. Who would have thought that she was at a measly 3rd percentile just in February this year?!

Jan: Coco & Claire

Jan: Coco & Claire


Feb: 3 going on 4

Feb: 3 going on 4

To School, With Love

Coco started school on 1 March just after she turned 18 months. We are grateful that this little tyke has since grown to love going to school and the enriching experiences and new friendships formed. Come January, Coco will no longer be in the baby class when she graduates to Play Group 2 (even though she doesn’t understand the concept of starting a new year in a new class and still insists that she’s in PG 1!)

Mar: Coco starts school

Mar: Coco starts school

Hello, Claire Bear

April marked the birth of our second daughter, Claire. It certainly was a special – and especially fast – delivery to remember.

Apr: Welcome, baby Claire!

Apr: Welcome, baby Claire!

A Year of Accomplishments

While 2013 has been a really eventful year, it has also been a deeply fulfilling one, marked with many accomplishments.

For one, we have seen a remarkable development in Coco’s speech in the past few weeks. It’s such a joy to hear her little voice pipe up and I’ve recorded many of her most memorable sayings, which I will share in a later entry.

Coco has also successfully toilet-trained herself. I was feeling rather guilty about not dedicating enough time and energy to potty-training her, but this independent little mite took it upon herself to master the art of using the toilet and insists on going diaperless while proudly announcing to all and sundry that “Coco has no diaper!”

Claire, focused on catching up with her older sister, is growing stronger and tougher every day and terrorises tiny Coco by chasing her around relentlessly – much to her sister’s dismay! Oh, and she’s learnt how to battle Coco for my attention by calling “Mamamamamama!” while trying her darnedest to claw/ creep/ crawl/ stumble towards me.

May: Receiving my first Mother's Day card

May: Receiving my first Mother’s Day card

To Good Health!

Healthwise, it has been an extremely trying year for us, starting with Coco contacting HFMD in June, followed by my unexpected hospitalisation for rhabdomyolysis in July and Claire’s frightening encounter with croup in August. In addition, Coco starting school resulted in her having a neverending battle with coughs and colds, which eventually spread to the other members of the family.

May 2014 be a healthier year for us all.

Jun: HFMD strikes

Jun: Cleaning away when HFMD struck


Jul: Back to work... and into the hospital.

Jul: Back to work… and into the hospital.


Aug: Croup. Ugh.

Aug: Croup. Ugh.

Thankfully, admist all that falling ill, we still had good times and blessings to celebrate – such as Coco turning two.

Aug: Coco turns 2!

Aug: Coco turns 2!

Downtime and Fun Times

Despite the busyness, there were still periods of downtime, which reminded us to be grateful for the peace and stability in our lives.

Sep: Probably the most uneventful month of 2013. Phew.

Sep: Probably the most uneventful month of 2013. Phew.

2013 also provided many opportunities for fun and games. It’s amazing how much joy and laughter these two little monsters have injected into our lives since they arrived.

Oct: 6 months!

Oct: 6 months!


Oct: First family Halloween

Oct: First family Halloween

A Growing Family

2013 was also the year when our family grew… and grew again. We started the year with 7 family members and are ending it with 9 with the addition of Claire and Ronald, our new brother-in-law.

Nov: Lin and Ronald get married.

Nov: Lin and Ronald get married.

Celebrating Firsts

December was an especially busy period, marked by many ‘first’ experiences.

Claire took her inaugural flight to Koh Samui, where she experienced playing with sand for the first time. This gung-ho little grub wasn’t as apprehensive and finicky about sand sticking to her as her sister was at her age (and still is), and happily grabbed fistfuls of sand… and tried to eat them.

Dec: Claire's first real overseas trip

Dec: Claire’s first real overseas trip

Coco’s school put up their Annual Concert earlier this month too. She was the tiniest performer and it was such a joy to watch her up on stage being so confident and fearless in front of a sea of unfamiliar faces in the darkened auditorium. She didn’t give a hoot about performing her routine and instead walked circles around her classmates who were conscientiously executing the steps. She ended each performance by gleefully applauding along with the audience and cheerfully yelling, “BYE BYE, EVERYBODEEEEEEE!” as the curtains closed.

Dec: Coco's first school performance

Dec: Coco’s first school performance

December also marked Claire’s first Christmas, where she received mostly used wrapping paper (no thanks to Coco and her warped concept of sharing), which she happily shredded up anway – and tried to eat.

Dec: Christmas Day Morning

Dec: Christmas Day Morning


Dec: A year on

Dec: A year on

To 2014!

What a year 2013 has been. It’s been so very tiring, but also immensely fulfilling, and we look forward to what the next year has in store for us.

Happy New Year, dear readers. As always, thank you for following this blog. May 2014 be an even happier, healthier and more blessed year for everyone.

Our wish for 2014

Our wish for 2014


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Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

January 11th, 2014 at 1:17 am    

Celine, yes, 2013 has been exciting for us. Cheers to 2014 too!

Thank you, Rebecca and YY for your support. This blog is coming to 4 years come May. I can’t believe how much I’ve written here – thank you for reading it all. More stories of Coco and Claire to come. May 2014 be a spectacular year for you and your families.


January 3rd, 2014 at 10:50 am    

Happy New Year! Still an avid reader here. 🙂
Wishing you and your family a blessed 2014! Looking forward to more exciting stories from you.. Love reading about Coco!

Rebecca Koh

December 31st, 2013 at 5:08 pm    

Happy New Year to You & Your Family!!


December 31st, 2013 at 3:41 pm    

O what a year it has been for you and family. It has been for me too.

A new career direction…
A new leadership position in my faith…
A new helper to manage…
A new driver in my household!

Cheers to 2014!

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