29 November 2013, by Tan Yi Lin

Weaning Claire

It’s been almost 2 months since I weaned Claire off breast milk and moved her on to semi-solids.

Milk-wise, nothing has changed for this happy little baby. Claire doesn’t appear to miss her days hooked to the milk bar at all and is happily guzzling her way through $300 worth of Similac Follow-On Formula. She had her first taste of infant formula not long after birth, when we supplemented her feeds while waiting for my milk to come in and she drank from the bottle like a champ, despite being the tiny mite that she was when she first arrived. We were on total breastfeeding for a good stretch after that, but that ended when I came down with rhabdomyolysis and couldn’t nurse her, and she was back on formula again after wiping out my entire frozen stock of expressed breast milk in a matter of days. Greedy little thing.

Similar to how I weaned Coco when she turned 6 months old, I put some distance between me and Claire by jetting off on a holiday without her. No fuss, no muss – the little girl just drained her bottles of formula milk as usual and life went on. On the other side of the world, I turned off the milk taps by expressing with a manual pump as and when I needed to relieve the pressure and the reserves dried up before the trip was even over.

Dannie was happy to have his lovely friends back.

Coco, on the other hand, was rather bummed out to lose her toys.

Monkey see, monkey do

Monkey see, monkey do

I, too, was kinda deflated (in more ways than one) to be bumped down to an ‘A’-cup – that’s even less than what I used to be before I started breastfeeding. That sucks (no pun intended).

Unlike Coco was, Claire isn’t very adventurous with food. While Claire was happy to start on rice cereal at just over 5 months, she is just as happy to keep eating just that. She love to eat, she does – just as long as it tastes sweet and milky. She spits out savoury foods like porridge, carrots and potatoes, and presses her little lips tightly closed in stubborn refusal to give them a second chance. Maybe she’s holding out for the good food, such as..



We’re fine with letting her keep going with cereal until she’s ready to try different tastes, and are doing our best to keep her menu interesting by using a variety of brown rice, barley, oatmeal, mixed-grain, rice and vegetable, wheat and ikan bilis cereals. In fact, her love for cereal makes it really easy to prepare meals for her – just add milk or water!

"That's it, mama, keep the cereal coming..."

“That’s it, mama, keep the cereal coming…”

She’s a little cookie monster and loves chomping down on biscuits and yoghurt snacks – even though she still hasn’t sprouted a single tooth at the grand ol’ age of almost 8 months.

Not convinced that we gave her an actual biscuit - and some stupid stick.

Not convinced that we gave her an actual biscuit – and not some stupid stick.

Finding this stick snack rather bland and tasteless..

Finding this stick snack rather bland and tasteless..

"No pictures, please!"

“No pictures, please!”

"Did anyone say 'cookie'?"

“Did anyone say ‘cookie’?”

Again, unlike Coco, we’re not getting very far with baby-led weaning. Claire is totally happy to be eating mush and isn’t in a hurry to move on to adult food yet. We’re not complaining, really. She’s such a joy to spoon-feed because she simply opens her mouth on cue when the spoon approaches her mouth – similar to how an automatic door opens when you walk towards it. Close, swallow and repeat until you scrap the plate clean.

I suppose, in a way, this counts as baby-led weaning and that Claire is telling us that she’s enjoying this period of semi-solids and will move on to real solids when it’s time. Coco, on the other hand, hates porridge and mushy foods and her favourite food is pasta and all variations of noodles.

I also suppose, that Claire could take after me – a lazy, unadventurous non-foodie who eats to live. Clean, easy to eat, boneless, skinless and organ-less meals are the best type of meals. Except potato. (French fries are tolerable when served as a side.)

Well, I’m just happy that the weaning experience went well and we’re all for following Claire’s lead and pacing ourselves when it comes to bringing on the solids.

M&Ms that melt your heart, not in your hand.

M&Ms that melt your heart, not in your hand.


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