30 May 2013, by Mandy Loh

He’s home sick

As in, Cristan’s at home (instead of school) because he’s sick. 🙁

I know its very common for children to fall sick once they start school, but what makes it horrid is how they would be continuously sick for a period of time! Cristan got through the first 3 weeks of playschool unscathed, but on the 4th week, he finally succumbed to the common cold, with runny nose and slight fever. A cough developed a few days later, and it took about 2 weeks for him to recover from it, getting well just last weekend.

Would you believe it, after coming home from school on Monday, he started sneezing and having a fresh bout of runny nose and cough all over again! Oh my goodness…one cold right after another?

We had given Cristan over-the-counter medication previously, but we decided to bring him to the doctor this time round, as we feared that prolonged coughing might be bad for his lungs. Thankfully, the doctor assured us it was nothing serious. But what he said next made me almost fall off my chair: “Don’t worry, this is very normal. Give it a year and he’ll be ok.”


Does it really have to take a year for a child to build up immunity to common colds? Flabbergasted, I decided to go online to find out what I can do to prevent the munchkin from being perpetually unwell. Here are some tips I found:

1) Wash those grubby palms

It seems one of the top ways to prevent the spread of germs is to keep their little hands clean. Toddlers love to explore the world, and that inevitably means touching all sorts of icky stuff. Especially in a playschool context, where colds tend to get passed from child to child with the sharing of toys and even food, frequent handwashing is a highly effective way to keep germs at bay.

2) Boost up on vitamins

I’m not big on supplements, so to me, boosting immunity with vitamins means making sure the munchkin gets lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in his daily diet. We’re blessed that Cristan eats his veggies most of the time, and absolutely adores most types of fruits. He is also a fan of momma’s home-cooked soups, which is full of nutritious goodness!

3) Quench the thirst

This is especially important in our hot and humid tropical weather! Keeping our little ones hydrated is vital to keeping their tiny bodies in tip top condition. Unfortunately, busy little squirts may not realise they are thirsty, especially in the midst of their play. So moms and dads have to take up the responsibility of gently reminding them to drink up throughout the day. Placing a water bottle within easy reach is also a good idea, so they can help themselves whenever they need a little sip.

4) Clock up the Zzz

Toddlers tend to resist naps and bedtimes, because they feel that there is just too much to do and time really shouldn’t be wasted on sleep. However, making sure the pipsqueaks get sufficient shut-eye is critical to keeping them in the pink of health. Establishing a regular routine is useful in this regard.

I do hope the above will keep Cristan healthy and well. If you have any good tips on keeping little ones healthy, please kindly share!


Mandy Loh


June 4th, 2013 at 4:09 pm    

Hi Vince, thanks lots for the assurance and advice! 🙂 Yes I was very taken aback by the one-year timeframe! Just praying that Cristan’s health improves really soon!

Vincent Ooi

May 30th, 2013 at 11:43 pm    

Hey there Mandy

David and Victoria has had prolonged flu, runny nose, and cough but it definitely has not been as long as a year. Weeks maybe.

The tips above are good. Sometimes it could also be due to allergies or if the child has a sensitive nose. We were advised to clean up the kid’s room and sleeping area and clean or remove those stuffed toys!. Victoria had alot and so I had to send all 32 of them to the laundromat for dry cleaning!

Other than that, make sure you find a better doctor who understands that one should be made well in the shortest possible time and not have to wait for 4 seasons to pass before getting well 🙂

Take care, Ooi family

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