26 May 2013, by Tan Yi Lin

Teeny Weeny Claire

While Coco is quite a natural in front of the camera and enjoys hamming it up to entertain her adoring audience, Claire isn’t exactly the most photogenic baby out there.

During her early days, because she was so sleepy all the time, she looked mostly deadpan, rewarding us only occasionally with a rare smile.

Hello Sunshine!

Now that she’s gradually become more wakeful and alert, she seems to have progressed into a rather grumpy-looking baby! It’s as if we just shot right to the sullen teenage years.

"Are we done? Can we go yet?"

Well, we don’t blame Claire, really. She doesn’t get much peace when Coco’s around and peaceful slumber, on a full tummy after a satisfying meal, is one of Claire’s favourite and most treasured activities.

Claire's typical long-suffering look

Having to entertain Coco even in her sleep

Nope, not getting much sleep this morning...

... nor the next morning.

So it’s a good thing that we engaged the help of Joanne from The Studio Loft to capture some nice photos of Claire when she was a mere 7-days old. Otherwise we would only have memories of Claire as a baby either sleeping or looking perpetually sulky.

We took advantage of newborn Claire’s constant drowsiness to shoot those lovely dreamy sleeping baby photos – something that we weren’t able to accomplish during Coco’s teeny weeny shoot because Coco was never sleepy…

My dad's favourite shot of Claire. He says it totally tugs at his heartstrings!

While the focus is on the baby, I like TSL's use of different textiles to create interesting textures in the background.

I like it that TSL took the effort to create different settings for Claire’s shoot that we hadn’t already done with Coco.

Red for Coco (or "waayd" as Coco says it)

Blue (or "boooo") for Claire

For another part of the shoot, Coco was photographed snoozing (her ONLY relatively sleepy shot) atop a pretty white cabinet.

I remember how we took AGES to set her up for this shot. Gah.

Claire, on the other hand, was given this tiny purple crochet outfit (she even slept throughout while Maryann and Joanne dressed her) and a little wooden bed to lie on.

When Goldilocks was found sleeping in Baby Bear's bed

Of course, with Coco around, no one can sleep peacefully for very long.

Send in the droid!

The mini Clone Trooper arrives at the scene

She investigates and finds a belly button to prod

"Ah-ha, a baby! Let's bring her home with us, R2!"

While Coco was placed in a basket for her newborn shoot…

Awake and pensive

"Get me my milk, droid."

… Claire was put in a box:

Our special delivery

Going for the Mraz look

But yes, the family droid was always in the picture:

Lounging around in her Coco-nut bed

No Claire, he's not your brother. Despite his resemblance to your daddy.

Claire’s shoot was a breeze compared to the FOUR HOURS that we took with active Coco. As with Claire, Coco had gone diaper-less for some of the shots and Joanne still remembers how the runny contents of Coco’s explosive diaper blowout rained down my arm, body, leg and onto the studio floor. Coco goes down in TSL’s history as the baby who turned their pee cloth (for mopping up baby pee) into a poop cloth that had to be disposed of right away. Claire, on the other hand, was an easier model and a dream to pose.

To be fair to Coco, Coco was photographed at 16 days old and was naturally more alert and active by then. She was also born at 40 weeks, unlike Claire who arrived just past 38 weeks and was a sleepy baby for much longer. TSL added that they have also gotten better at photographing newborn babies since Coco’s shoot a year ago. Dan and I have also become calmer and more efficient at handling a baby and managing feeding and diaper-changing sessions since then.

Even then, Claire still looked much better asleep. Even at 7 days old, she looked awfully grouchy when she woke during the shoot, like a little old-person pissed off at the world for some reason that only she knows. We had tonnes of ย no-go shots with her eyeing us warily, as if to ask “You mean you’re my family?”

But then, Coco also looked just as unimpressed with us back then (but she adores us now! :D)

Shots from Coco’s teeny weeny shoot:


Not quite the adoring gaze that Dannie was hoping for


Still, we managed to get some nice family shots – a miracle considered that we had a bored-looking newborn and a fidgety, snotty (again!) toddler.

Yes. The obsession with belly buttons continues.

One for the family album

A lovely solo shot for Coco from the same series

Another lovely one for Claire and us

Quite possibly my favourite family photo of all time

We’re so glad to have captured the precious memories of Claire’s arrival and her teeny-weeniness in these photos. I’m mulling over the idea of pulling all our family members together for a big family shoot soon, especially to thank my mum and dad for lending an unseen hand during both the Bloom and Teeny Weeny shoots. They totally deserve to be in the limelight for the next shoot.

We also haven’t been very diligent in taking family photos with Dan’s parents and of them with their granddaughters (not counting those hurriedly snapped with our mobile phone cameras). So it’s a good reason to gather everyone for grand photo-taking session. It’ll probably be mighty challenging but I’m sure it will be effort and money well-spent.

But until I get down to organising the grand shoot-out, it’ll just be us quietly soaking in the tininess and preciousness of our little family for now.

Mother and Child


Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

June 11th, 2013 at 1:12 pm    

Yes, the studio pictures are lovely, huh?

But my favourite casual photo taken with the humble iPhone camera is the one of Coco patting Claire on the head during my office visit. I just love Claire’s ‘sian’ expression, haha.

Mandy Loh


May 30th, 2013 at 11:56 pm    

Awesome pictures! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


May 30th, 2013 at 12:48 pm    

Ooooh, so beautiful these photos. I really like the ones with Coco and Claire together! ๐Ÿ™‚

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