6 May 2013, by Petrina Kow

About Petrina

Petrina Kow is a mother of two kids, Victoria who’s 11 years old and Oliver who’s 7 years old. Whilst ‘new mother’ is hardly the term to describe her situation at present, she’s constantly reminded by her friends who are just entering parenthood now, how ‘fortunate’ she was to have started her family early.  Whilst she didn’t exactly set out to have kids at a tender age of 26 years, she realised 5 months into the marriage that ‘TCTTW’ (Throwing Caution To The Wind) isn’t a legitimate form of contraception.  But growing her family and getting to know her children with her co-creator, The Long Suffering Husband, Lingun has been a tremendous gift and a privilege she doesn’t take lightly.  On days when she’s not gainfully employed at work as a communications coach, voice-actor/director, and all-round drama queen, she loves dreaming up fun projects for her kids to get involved in, such as horticulture, rock-climbing and culinary arts.

An avid picture book fan, Petrina uses her children as an excuse to stock the shelves full of gorgeous literature in hopes that they will somehow learn life’s greatest lessons through osmosis. Bedtime reading has a special place in the Sung-Kow household and it’s where she finds great pleasure and comfort in knowing that the 287 times she’s read ‘Bashful Bob and Doleful Dorinda’ by Margaret Atwood, has resulted in her children knowing the difference between a dirigible and a daiquiri.  Both are very useful words should they ever want to travel in style.

Posted on : May 6, 2013

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