11 March 2013, by Tan Yi Lin

We’re At 35 Weeks Already?!

Wow, February seemed to zip right by us.

Last week, I was recording the number of work hours clocked for the month of February. It seemed like I had just recently taken an afternoon off from work to take Coco for her vaccination appointment a few days ago. Upon checking my leave records, I was surprised to find that that had taken place all the way back on 7 February – an entire month ago!

Where did the time go?!


Coco turned 18 months old on 22 February. Her appointment with the PD revealed that she had put on a grand total of 400 grams over the past six months – an almost laughable increase equivalent to a loaf of Gardenia white bread – bringing her (fly)weight from 8 kg to 8.4 kg. Once again, she consistently clocked in at the 10th percentile for girls her age, prompting the PD to eye both me and my mum up and down and remark:

“Well, Mummy’s not very tall…”

“Grandma’s also not very tall…”

(I muttered under my breath, “Daddy’s also not very tall…”)

“So I guess it runs in the family!”

Nevertheless, the PD scheduled another appointment in six months time to monitor Coco’s growth.

Just to be sure.


With less than two months to Claire’s arrival, we decided that February would be a good time to condition Coco to sleep in normal bed instead of the cot.

We didn’t have any problems convincing her that getting to roll around in a nice big bed was waaaaaaaaaaaayyy better than being locked up in the cot. She loved her new bed and even got down to personalising the adjacent wall with colourful stickers of marine animals.

Coco's new bed

The only drawback was that she loves her bed so much that it’s awfully hard to get her to wake up on time for school!

Hellooooo sleepyhead....


And how is little Claire doing?

The Doppler scan on 4 February showed that the blood flow in her umbilical cord was normal and that was nothing impeding the transfer of nutrients from my body to hers. The growth scan also showed that her weight gain was finally nearing the more normal rate of 400 to 500 grams per month, pulling her out of the measly 3rd percentile into… the 10th percentile.

Well, I guess the PD was right – small sizes do run in the family.

But seriously, being out of the 3rd percentile was an important milestone because it ruled out the possibility of intra-uterine growth restriction, a common symptom in single umbilical artery pregnancies.

Dr G again ordered an additional growth scan to be done on 25 February to ensure that Claire was keeping up with her weight gain. We each had only one job to do:

Me – to continue eating well.

She – to continue growing well.

We both kept up our ends of the bargain and Claire weighed in at 1.65 kg. If she keeps it up, she may just hit 2.5 kg by the time she’s due on 19 April.


This coming Thursday marks the completion of 35 weeks for this pregnancy.

I can scarce believe that we have just 5 weeks to go – assuming that Claire obediently continues to bake nicely for the full 40 weeks.

I have a niggling feeling that she won’t stay in for long, although I’m not sure why I feel this way.

Maybe it’s a bout of nerves.

Maybe a severe case of the nesting syndrome (we haven’t done ANYTHING to prepare for Claire’s arrival).

Maybe because it suddenly got more difficult and tiring to just walk.

Maybe it’s the occasional wave of abdominal cramps.

Maybe it’s having my insides roughhoused by Claire to convey her insistence on coming out soon.

This little snake is wriggling and  jostling (well, if snakes had elbows, they would) for available space in every nook and cranny inside me – under my ribs, down in my pelvis – and rearranging my internal organs along the way. She is very excitable – her movements get rougher and sharper when I raise my voice during conversations with friends and family. I can imagine that it must otherwise be pretty boring inside Utero World:



Thump thump thump (goes my heartbeat)



Thumppity thump.

(rinse and repeat)


Maybe it’s just a mother’s intuition; a case of ‘mummy knows best’.

Whatever it is, I can’t wait to meet Claire.

(But hopefully she’ll give us some time to at least get one laundry load of newborn outfits done first before she arrives.)

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Posted on : March 11, 2013

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March 13th, 2013 at 9:42 am    

Hi Yilin,

Time passes so fast.
Can’t wait to meet Claire in person too!

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