18 February 2013, by Mandy Loh

Fab Feb!

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai and may the year of the Snake bring you health, wealth, happiness and all your heart’s desires!

It’s been a rather busy month so far and this entry is going to be a rambly one just updating about what’s gone on recently.

First off, I’m really excited that my very first print article has been published in a local magazine! *WOOHOO!* In the Feb/ Mar 2013 issue of Today’s Parents, about one of my favourite subjects: Baby-led Weaning! Check it out!

Spreading the word about Baby-led Weaning, and making Cristan even more famous!

It’s quite a milestone achievement for me because I’ve only been writing for online portals so far, so this is a notch up for my writing “career”! 🙂

In fact, this freelance writing stuff is really ramping up! I’m currently involved (albeit in an extremely small way) in the writing of a book! Not a fluffy romance novel sort of thing, mind you, but A Real Serious Type that could potentially become a university textbook. I’m not mentioning anymore details, but I’m just really honoured to be part of it, even if its just for a teeny weeny portion.

Speaking of romance, this month also happens to be the month of LOVE, with Valentine’s Day just a couple of days ago. I’m not the type who would expect the full works – you know, posh dinner in a classy restaurant, huge bouquet of flowers, and a present that sparkles. (Although that DOES sound really nice and I wouldn’t mind a surprise one of these days from my hubby…whom I know reads this blog…*WINK-NUDGE-AHEM*)

Since spending quality time was really the priority for us, I decided to purchase a simple dinner deal from one of the many coupon websites in Singapore. The deal was advertised as “free flow tapas…in the heart of the city”. Sounded good, I thought, and it was very reasonably priced. Well, I suppose you get what you pay for, because here’s where we ended up dining!

When did bar food suddenly become "Tapas"???

I was stupefied. Needless to say, the deal advertisement had not mentioned that the venue was actually a bar in a rather well-known local hotel chain! Thankfully, Tim just found the whole thing hilarious, and (after I got over the initial shock) we shared a long, hearty laugh, which set the mood for a great evening out!

Last but not least, this month’s been fantastic because of the Lunar New Year festivities. This year, the in-laws decided to come over to celebrate, which was awesome for me as I had the opportunity to meet up with my extended family too. We also decided to brave the heat and crowds on the eve of New Year, to check out the Chinatown festivities!

As festive as it gets! With dragons and lions flanking us in the background.

Mom-in-law bought some festive outfits for Cristan, which he absolutely refused to wear until I put them on an Elmo stuffed toy (his favourite character) and gushed about how handsome Elmo looked.

"Alright Elmo, if you say so...but I'm still not too sure..."

We did the Lo Hei, always good fun:

Cristan had a ball of a time tossing food in the air, without being scolded for it!

And dim sum in a retro Chinese restaurant in Chinatown!

Pausing for a 3-generational snapshot

What a great start to the year so far…hope it gets even better from here!

Cristan sure has a way of melting Momma's heart...awww!

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Mandy Loh


February 21st, 2013 at 10:32 pm    

Hi Alex and Yi Lin, yep it was such a hilarious situation! Quite embarrassed at first, but later on I just decided to laugh it off and enjoy the evening. I suppose for future deals, I will stick to known brands/ eateries to be safe!

Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

February 18th, 2013 at 11:54 pm    

Haha, agree with Alex that the “tapas” deal was hilarious. Gotta be careful when you buy stuff from these deal websites. I ordered two Twilight Turtles from one of them as birthday gifts for friends’ babies… and they turned out to be imitations of the real thing! Not trusting these websites anymore!


February 18th, 2013 at 8:11 am    

Congrats on your first print article! 🙂 Hahaz about the ‘tapas’! Must have been a little of a shock! lol

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