29 January 2013, by Tan Yi Lin

Diary of a Whiny Kid

(An account of our family vacation to the Maldives, as told by Chocolette)


We got to Changi Airport nice and early for our 9.45 am flight to Male. The cabin crew on SQ were extremely nice and attentive to me and Mummy, calling us by name throughout the flight (although poor Daddy only got referred to as “Sir”). I think they were worried that I’d get cranky in mid-air and scream the plane down, so they tried to make me feel comfortable and happy for the whole four hours onboard.

I proved them wrong by behaving pretty well (what do you expect of a travel veteran? *preen*) Except for when Daddy and Mummy kept making me sit on Daddy’s lap – instead of Mummy’s – because they didn’t want me squashing down on The Other Baby (Clear, Bear, Nightmare, whatever her name is.) But I got my way by kicking up a big fuss just before take-off so they caved and let me sit on Mummy’s lap and look out of the window as our plane took off. Heh.

Other than that, I was quite a model baby (if I may say so myself) – quietly eating my snacks, drinking my milk, watching videos and sleeping in the bassinet for a good part of the flight.

Watching my pet green frog acting on TV. He's famous, I tell ya.

Just a little cranky after waking from my nap and finding myself zipped up in that strange brown box. How creepy.

Still, Mum and Dad seemed awfully relieved when we landed in Male. Not sure why though, I thought everyone was having a good time onboard the plane. No?

At the airport, the good people from Bandos Island Resort escorted us to our speedboat and within fifteen minutes, we arrived at the resort jetty. We spent the rest of our first day in the Maldives exploring the resort and the rest of the sandy island.

Mmmm. So cool and breezy that I fell asleep on the boat.

Oh man. When am I EVER going to grow into these vest thingies?


I kept waking up at all sorts of funny times throughout the night to check if the sun had risen but morning seemed to take forever to come. Mum and Dad said it had something to do with the Maldives being three hours behind Singapore time. Whatever that means.

The day didn’t start off on too good a note. I didn’t like the fact that Mummy kept leaving me at the table during breakfast. Never mind that Daddy was there with me. Never mind that it was because Mummy went to get food for me and herself. I just wailed whenever she left and refused to eat anything that she brought back – fresh fruit, cornflakes, bread, oatmeal, juice – I rejected it all and screamed to be carried. Both of them got fed up and tossed me a tiny dish of honey to shut me up so that they (and everybody else in the restaurant) could eat breakfast in peace. And what do you know – I LOVED IT!

Nom nom nom...

We hung out for a while at the swimming pool after breakfast but I didn’t like being around the bigger boys who kept coming over to take my water toys so I whined and clung to Mummy a lot and refused to swim. Mummy got really tired of me clutching to her like a leech and stepping all over The Other Baby, so they carted me back to the room and dumped me into the bathtub. I liked it much better in there without the hot sun and rowdy boys! I should demand to do this more often….

Mum and Dad said that we had to go to the beach in the afternoon. After all, this was what being in the Maldives was all about right? The soft, clean white sands and blue water so clear that you could see the fish swim right up to your legs. Well, I wasn’t impressed. I HATED how the sand stuck to my body and it was so HOT out in the sea! What were they thinking?!

Again, I screamed my protest and they decided to sit me on the deckchair and brought me some hermit crabs to play with. I LOVED them and even tried to share my snacks with the little crabs.

Can I have a pet hermit crab, please Mum? Can I? Can I?

Mummy says that I’m ridiculous for screaming at a little bit of sand but having no qualms about holding crabs and their tiny pincers and prickly legs in my hand. Well, sand is gross and I don’t see what’s so surprising regarding the crabs – hasn’t she already seen me handle a live lobster with my bare hands?



Do you know what’s a sure-fire way to frustrate your parents? Refuse to eat anything else except honey for breakfast. Then, when they’ve collected all the leftover bread that you rejected to feed the fish at the jetty, instead of throwing the bread into the water, YOU EAT IT INSTEAD! Nyak nyak. All that sugar from the honey usually put me in a very good mood after breakfast so I let them bring me to the pool again for a morning dip. Once it got too hot, I screamed to be taken back to the room again for my private bath.

Flashing a sugary grin while on a honey high

After my morning nap, I got up to more nonsense that really got their goat. I refused to eat anything more than a few pieces of plain penne pasta from my kid’s meal and demanded to eat only biscuits and yoghurt melts. I didn’t even finish my milk. Mum and Dad threw their hands into the air, exclaimed that they had totally given up on me and let me eat biscuits for meals throughout the day. WHATEVER made me happy, they said, in a very exasperated tone.

Gobble gobble

Hmmm? What?

Biscuits *beam*

Through more whinging and tantrum-throwing, I made it very clear that the ONLY thing that I liked about the Maldives was our air-conditioned hotel room. I loved rolling around on the big bed and the cool sheets, and soaking in the bath. Mum and Dad said that I was being a little Monster and they couldn’t fathom why I was acting up like that, given how much I had enjoyed our previous visit to the Maldives. Hey, it’s not nice to call your kid names, okay?

Rolling around on the bed too much gives you monstrous bed-head

Mummy and Daddy eventually gave up on bringing me to the beach. They decided to take turns to enjoy some alone time on the sand while the other stayed behind to watch over me while I napped. They said it wasn’t worth missing out on the loveliness of the place to pander to my obnoxious behaviour.

Mummy called this her "me time". Looks pretty boring without me there.


What obnoxious behaviour?! I was just being a regular 17-month old toddler!


Mum and Dad commented that I seemed to have finally settled into our holiday routine. I enjoyed our morning swim, bubbling around in the jacuzzi and strolling up and down the poolside today (much to Daddy’s chagrin, as he had to bend over double to hold me tightly so that I didn’t fall into the water). I even tried to make friends with another little girl around my age today – I thought her Snoopy bikini was really cute.

Feeling comfortable enough to walk around barefoot and bare bodied

Ahhhh, this is the life!

We even managed to snap a family photo - with me smiling - by the pool!

Well,  it was just too bad that we were leaving tomorrow then. Just as I was getting used to the island life!


We checked out of our room at noon and waited for our boat and taxi transfer to Ripple Beach Inn on the airport island. Mum and Dad tried to distract me from the long wait and afternoon heat in the lobby by letting me play games on Daddy’s iPad to my heart’s content.

It worked! I was one happy, tappy baby for a good couple of hours!

I'm good at this, I tell ya. Even with one hand behind my back.

Mummy says not to be deceived, for this is the (real) face of Terror.

We spent the rest of the day lounging around in our air-conditioned room till our 9.45 pm transfer to the airport. I was all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed after a super long evening nap and quite enjoyed checking out all the other passengers at the bustling airport. I never knew that so much activity went on past my bedtime! Whoo hoo!

Our plane departed Male at 11.30 pm for Singapore. I watched an episode each of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Hello Pluto!) and Sesame Street (I LOVE Elmo and my green Kermit frog), ate some of Daddy’s in-flight meal (I HATE those awful jar food things that they give me in place of real food), fussed for Mummy to rock me and then finally fell asleep till we landed in Singapore (much to my parents’ immense relief).

You mean we're leaving for home already?! Why does Mummy look so happy?


I slept all the way till we got home – and slept somemore till lunch time. My Yi-Po and Yi-Gong came over in the afternoon to play with me. Mum and Dad seemed to have disappeared for the day. I suspected that they were hiding in their room upstairs all along, but decided not to kick up a fuss about it.

After all, I think they had suffered enough being alone with me for the past five days.


Till the next trip (although Mum and Dad have sworn that there will NOT be a next trip – not unless either set of grandparents comes along),

Yours faithfully,


January 2013

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Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

February 1st, 2013 at 4:09 pm    

Actually both Bandos Island Resort in the Maldives and Veranda High Resort in Chiang Mai (which I’ve yet to blog about)are family-friendly resorts and had Kids’ Clubs but they only offer babysitting services for kids 3 years and above.

Let’s hope that the next vacation (whenever THAT will be) will be better.

Alex, yes, she did alright. We contemplated cancelling her plane ticket and leaving her behind but thought, “Oh, but she’ll miss out on the beach. She’d like to see the fish in the sea. She’d LOVE the pool. Let’s bring her along lah…”



January 30th, 2013 at 9:29 am    

Ho ho, Chocolette rules! 😉

Mandy Loh


January 29th, 2013 at 3:46 pm    

Haha! This was really funny! Yep the toddler tantrums and erratic eating habits sound totally familiar!

I think the next family trip we go to should be to a family resort, so we can dump the munchkins at the Kid’s Club for the day! Hehehehe…

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