31 December 2012, by Jaime Teo

Closing 2012

Has it only been 4 months since Chiangmai? I feel like I need another holiday (since the moment we got back actually) but don’t we always need a holiday? =P

2012 has been a totally productive year in terms of work. Twelve Cupcakes expanded in a major way this year -from 3 outlets last year to the current 8 outlets PLUS 2 new cookie stores (www.cookiesforsid.com). That translates to yesihavebeensobusyeverydayisflyingby and that is also why I haven’t been updating this blog since the Chiangmai trip (5 of the outlets opened AFTER =P). There is more work slated for next year, both locally and regionally, but I won’t bore you with the stats. It does mean that this will probably be the last post for some time =(

The good thing about being busy is that you have no choice but to prioritise the things important in life.

Two weeks ago, my priority was family and work. Then I fell sick (probably stress on top of a history of gastritis) and was hospitalised. The stark truth hit me that my priorities should be my health, family, then work because without the first, it’s hard to keep up with anything else. So I’ve been trying to slow down a little and am looking at ways to streamline my roles at work even more and delegating what I can.

On top of my list is to get in some time for exercise — a few months ago, I was regularly doing Youtube aerobics at night. You read that right. I turn on Youtube and search out stuff to work out to. Some days it’s some Korean housewife turned Aerobics Goddess, some days it’s a Zumba class which was uploaded in its entirety, and other days, whatever random classes I could find of a decent duration. It made me feel better about myself and gave me some much needed cardio exercise. I’m not sure how that ended. Perhaps a skipped night in favour of a blockbuster DVD and the increasing load at work =P But sometimes we really need to remind ourselves to make time for necessities.

There’s never been a question of making time for Renee because she’s definitely a necessity (for me). It is a big blessing that I can work around Renee’s time most days — her school and nap times. She seems happy to follow me to the malls and can identify most of the malls we go to, at the car park entrance! It’s like a game almost:

“Where are we Renee?”

“City Link Mall!” / “United Square!” / “IMM!” / “Changi City Point!”

And depending on where we are, she’ll tell me if she wants a ride on Barney, or if she wants to visit the toy store, or if she wants to go to Sing Kids (play system for kids). I’m very thankful to be able to watch her grow every day and to be there for her when she wants Mommy to put her to bed. Of course I whine about having to do that (especially on days she takes an hour to fall asleep!) but then I also recognise that the time will come in the not too far future when she will want “ME” space and “ME” time… so those thoughts help take the edge off the more difficult days. Managing my Ms Jekyll /Hyde(I’m sure many parents can identify with that!) takes a lot of patience — I can only keep my fingers crossed that the terrible Twos actually END when she turns 3.

This is “Ms Jekyll”.

I’m a little anxious about her swopping schools next year but I figure all parents and kids go through this phase and it too will pass. She’s been wearing her new school uniform at home just to get her used to wearing it — I heard stories about children crying cos they don’t want to put on their uniforms. I think all parents hear/read too many stories =P

An old friend I haven’t seen in forever told me this: We are all good mothers and we should not sweat the little things.

That will be how I’m gonna close 2012 and start 2013 — by not sweating the small stuff because they won’t matter in the long run. =D

Thanks for following me on my motherhood journey — it’s goodbye but only for a while =D

Have a great 2013!!

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June 28th, 2016 at 3:54 pm    

Hi jaime, can i ask when renee had ear infection, what did the doctor prescribe?

Lai Foon

January 6th, 2013 at 4:23 pm    

Hi Jaime, can you share with me which salon you always go for a hair cut/ treatment? I always wanted to find myself a good hairstylist and I happen to see that you have a good one. Thanks!

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