12 August 2012, by Mandy Loh

Stand Up (and Walk!) for Singapore!

Happy belated National Day, Singapore!

Yes, for my blog post this week, I shamelessly ripped off the title of the National Heritage Board’s “Stand Up for Singapore and Walk to our Museums!” event, that gives Singaporeans and PRs free entry to all museums this month. Because for one, I found the title hilarious, and two, I LOVE free entries to museums! In fact, we did take the opportunity to go to one of the art exhibitions (I can’t resist freebies!!!) Lastly, it is totally appropriate for my current post, because…wait for it…


Ok ok, I know there’s nothing much to shout about (but I did anyway, ha!) because he really took his own sweet time to reach this developmental milestone. 2 days shy of 14 months, he’s definitely quite a textbook toddler, achieving this right smack in the middle of a large range of time that a toddler is supposed to start toddling (supposedly anytime between 9 – 18 months).

The best part was, he did this on National Day! All dressed up in red and white too! Click the link below to see a short 3-second video of his unsteady but unassisted first steps! And if you listen really closely, you’ll realise the song “Stand Up for Singapore” is playing, as the National Day Parade was on TV!

Cristan takes his first steps

Anyway, enough gushing for now. Moving on, we had a really lovely National Day break, because Tim decided to take leave on Friday to enjoy a 4-day weekend! So we went to the Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum @8Q, which was a fantastic art exhibition created just for kids!

Granted, Cristan was still a little too young for the interactive activities, but he had quite a good time, albeit in a slightly different way. For example, in one of the exhibits, visitors were invited to draw on cardboard boxes and insert them into the artwork. Cristan just enjoyed pulling out the boxes and putting them back into the little spaces provided. Oh well…whatever floats his boat, right?

Not too interested in drawing on the box...

Errr...creative usage of crayons? Drumming the table-top instead of drawing!

Nevermind that he didn't draw or colour anything after all. We'd just pretend by taking a picture at the wall display of other kids' nice artwork!

He was rather enthralled by a video installation which visitors could participate in, simply by dancing to some music in front of a video camera. The footage would then be screened on the large video wall. Very fun! (Actually to be honest, mommy was more excited about the entire activity. Cristan just enjoyed the dancing!)

Look honey, you're famous!

But the best part was looking for Walter the Rabbit, lounging at the front lawn of the SAM main building. I think most of the younger kids loved Walter the most.

Follow the white rabbit...

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable outing! Thank you NHB for the free entry!

This has been a wonderfully memorable weekend for us. I’m so thankful for the good times, and hoping for more awesome weekends ahead! Hope y’all had a great National Day weekend too!

Random pic to end the weekend recap: The best view of the Marina Bay is from up in the air!

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