31 July 2012, by Jaime Teo

Talk talk talk talk talk….

I told myself that I would NEVER tell Renee to stop talking because I was gushing over her when she said “ok” (at month 4 — we have video evidence!) and insisted that I will never tire of her voice. Now, I find myself wondering why I don’t read old entries more often (ie: http://www.maybebaby.sg/blog/2010/11/08/motherhood-is-a-lot-of-eating-my-own-words/) since they offer pockets of wisdom I must have gotten before and then forgotten =p

Don’t get me wrong — I love listening to Renee talk and sing and am most proud to share that she has quite a repertoire under her belt! She can recite sing entire songs like “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “ABC”, “Jack and Jill”, or “Humpty Dumpty” and a few other rhymes.

The first few times she hit tinkered on the piano and sang, I got all excited with mommy thoughts like “OMG! She’s a prodigy!”. You know how most mommies are exceptionally adoring of their kids? Guilty.

Same for the first time she hitstrummed the guitar and sang along, not quite ace but the idea is there! Her teachers say she loves music which makes me happy because I love music too =). The thought that we could both be playing something together in future makes me glad but let’s not digress — I just love hearing her girly voice especially when she mispronounces words like sleep (“SCHLWEEP”) and black(“bwack”) and love(“wuff”).

It would all be really great if there wasn’t this slight problem of her talking keeping her (and therefore, me) up.

Here’s our typical bedtime.

 “Renee, it’s time to sleep…”
“Mommy, blankie please…” (I hand her random blankie)
“Mommy, white blankie please.” (I look for her white blankie)
“Mommy, milk please.” (I make more milk)
“A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P… … Mommy, sing Humpty Dumpty” (I sing Humpty Dumpty)
“Can I see Mommy’s phone please?”
“Renee, Mommy’s phone is sleeping. We’ll look at Mommy’s phone tomorrow ok?”
“Mommy, Daddy put Renee to sleep.”
“Daddy is working… Mommy put Renee to sleep ok?”
“Mommy… Poo poo”(We go to the toilet and more often than not, she’s telling the truth)

This is the shortened version. She has many stalling bedtime requests before she finally falls asleep. I find myself sometimes thinking that if she could only keep quiet and not request for the sun, stars and moon, it would be a faster process to falling asleep. Then I have to catch myself because remember? I told myself that I wouldn’t tell Renee to stop talking. I suppose there IS a time and place for everything and I will have to teach her that too. But for now, it’s a rather obstinate idea that’s stuck in my head =p

Some days, I have to consciously remind myself not to take little things, like her wanting me to put her to sleep or her talking, for granted. You see, I’m afraid that if I do not listen to her now, the time will come when she prefers to talk to her friends over me cos teenagers do that. I’m hoping that if she has a habit of talking to me (before she sleeps), she will keep that habit and share things in her life with me into adulthood.

I think it all boils down to not wanting to miss out on her growing up cos although some hours are slow (like when I’m trying to put her to sleep), the months just fly by. This thought helps every time I run a little short on patience, and when I am trying not to eat my own words =)

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