8 July 2012, by Mandy Loh

A fun weekend!

Just a simple blog entry to share some photos of our fun weekend.

My parents had a free room stay at Marina Bay Sands on Friday, and invited us to spend the day. I jumped at the offer because I’ve been wanting to swim in the skypark’s infinity pool on the 57th floor! It was obvious that I was much more excited about the prospect than Cristan was, haha!

We checked in after lunch, and were delighted to find that we had a sea-facing room, with an awesome view of the Gardens by the Bay from the balcony!


Cristan was quite drowsy as he was due for an afternoon nap, but when he saw the hotel room, he perked up and happily explored for a while, before he was willing to settle down to sleep.

Playing peekaboo with the mirror!

Oh wow, Mama! This place is NICE!

I had to wait for Cristan to wake up from his nap so that we could go for our eagerly-anticipated swim. This has got to be the first time that I was impatient for his nap to be over. (Most of the time, I’m hoping he’d sleep as long as possible, so that I’d be able to finish dinner preparations before he wakes!) Time was also of the essence because if he slept too long, the sun would set and it would be too cold to swim!

Cristan finally woke at 6pm and we promptly set off for the skypark soon after. Thankfully, it was still sunny and warm, and the water temperature was just right!

A cuddle before plunging in!

And in we go!

It was really tough getting nice pictures as the sun was setting behind us, so this is probably one of the best although neither Cristan nor I were looking at the camera! Oh well…

The swim, or rather, the walk around the pool, was really lovely, with a very spectacular view of Boat Quay and the Central Business District. I said ‘walk’, because I wasn’t allowed to use Cristan’s float in the main pool. I could only put him in his float in the baby pool, so I had to carry him and just wade around.

Cristan finally breaks out a smile at the baby pool!

Enjoying the sunset at the skypark

Even the view from inside the building (through glass windows) looked good!

So that was a pretty fun Friday!

On Saturday, we decided to have a morning stroll at the Botanic Gardens, with the ulterior motive of helping Cristan build up his confidence in walking. The paediatrician had suggested letting him practise walking on grass, as even if he fell, it wouldn’t hurt.

He was pretty resistant at first, perhaps because the ground was a little soggy.

"I don't wanna walk!!!"

Then we tried to entice him to chase down a bird…

A bit more keen to walk...or maybe because he's off the soggy grass!

After a while, Daddy took over and started running while holding Cristan’s hands. That’s when he got REALLY delighted!

I feel the need for speed!

Pure bliss!

Again, again!!!

It’s so wonderful to see Cristan this happy! We’re definitely going for more walks/ runs in the park again soon! All in all, we had a truly awesome weekend!

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July 12th, 2012 at 3:53 am    

Skypark looks great!

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