5 July 2012, by Mandy Loh

A year in pictures

Too many pictures, to be honest.

I blame digital cameras for creating this new-age “problem”. In the good old days, we took photos sparingly, because a roll of film only had 36 exposures! And we bothered to develop the photos and keep them in handy little albums. Nowadays, everyone snaps away with trigger-happy abandonment, and the thousands of photos we take are kept in soft copy, with atrocious archival systems (at least in my household). And so, trying to summarise Cristan’s first year into a photo-book became a gargantuan project that kept me up at night, much later than I would have liked, over the past week.

Seeing how much effort I’ve put in, and the precious sleep I have had to sacrifice, I decided to shamelessly SHOW OFF the pages of the photo-book to all of you! Haha! If you’re turned off by the narcissism, please stop reading now, thank you very much!

The photo-book cover. I absolutely LOVE this picture!

A plant can be a dangerous thing...

As some of you may know, (if you had read my introduction to this blog, you would!) Cristan was a surprise honeymoon baby for us. We had traipsed off to our sun-soaked honeymoon at the Greek Islands 3 days after our wedding. Immersed in the glowing joy of new marital bliss, we didn’t have a care in the world, and didn’t give much thought to family planning either. “Come on, what were the chances of conceiving, anyway?” we told ourselves. Well well, famous last words eh?

Newborn photoshoot

Beautiful memories

Back in the hazy first few weeks of Cristan’s arrival, I didn’t have the energy to blog about the wonderful newborn photo-shoot that our lovely friends did for us. They came to our place, set up all their semi-professional equipment, and spent almost the entire day taking pictures of us and Cristan. Many beautiful shots were captured that day, and all for free! Thank you, dearest friends! Your efforts were greatly appreciated!

The hip hop globetrotter

Have passport, will travel!

It’s quite amazing that Cristan’s already been on 4 overseas trips before the age of one! Ipoh, Bintan, Brunei and Bali, by road, boat and plane! He really just needs to take a train to cover all the major modes of travel!

I found these photos hilarious! NOT HAPPY at all...

I guess Cristan’s not a water-baby after all. In the early days, he was pretty happy to be in the pool, but nowadays, it takes a while before he warms up (quite literally) to the water. And he absolutely detests water fountains, because he hates having water sprayed onto his face. Well, I suppose we won’t be going to the Port of Lost Wonder anytime soon, haha!

Underwater World!

Celebrating his actual first birthday

I didn’t blog about celebrating Cristan’s actual first birthday, because I had already talked about the party. But I wanted to make it a special day for him, so we planned an outing with the extended family to Sentosa. And at precisely 7.01pm, the time he popped out into the world last year, we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ and blew out a candle on a small slice of cake. Just for fun!

The end...for now!

Well, that brings us to the end of the first year, and the photo-book project. I may have whinged and whined about how tiring it was to create, but to be honest, I actually quite enjoyed the process of walking down memory lane and looking at all the pictures of Cristan from birth till now. It’s amazing how much he’s grown and changed in this short period of time, and I’m glad that I’ve got a nice little book that captures it all. A big Thank You goes out to my sis for purchasing the photo-book voucher for us as Cristan’s birthday present. One of the best gifts ever!

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July 6th, 2012 at 8:53 am    

Thank you for sharing Cristan’s journey. So beautiful!

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