22 May 2012, by Dannie Cho

Welcome Back, My Lovely Friends!

Note: This post was meant to be published in March, around the time when Yi Lin wrote this entry.

Hello, my lovely friends! I’ve missed you so much! No, really! I missed you more than you missed me. You are my favorite set of twins, don’t you know?

We always got along so well together. You and you and me. From the moment I first laid eyes on you, I knew we should spend the rest of our lives together. There would be daily hugs and kisses. We would go on holidays together. Take cheesy photos, give each other massages that would rock our world. I admit, sometimes, I played a little rough, but you liked it too, right? I’m sure you did, because you kept coming back.

Until that fateful day 8 months ago. That fateful day where you told me, “This is not a breakup. Just a temporary separation.” Yeah, right. I’ve heard that before. “There are two of you,” I whined. “Why not at least one of you stay, to entertain me?” But no. You were adamant. You were both needed elsewhere. You needed me to be understanding. You needed me to be outstanding. Well, I can do that. I’m a father now. New responsibilities. Sacrifices have to be made. You do what you need to do, and I’ll take that step back, like the gentleman I am. *sob*

And so, you, swollen with pride (or maybe just plain swollen), did what you needed to do. No distractions allowed. No playtime. Because playtime with me drains your essence, and that essence is needed for my offspring. Every drop counted. I could only admire you from afar. On one hand, I have never seen you look better. Fuller. More alluring. (Sure, what you wore was a tad shabby for my tastes, but I was willing to overlook that!) On the other hand, it could just be the lure of forbidden fruit that made me want to get back with you. ASAP.

Yes, yes..I knew you were always there, always near to me. It’s not as if you went to stay somewhere else, right? But still… I missed you.

Anyway, what really, really matters is this: You are back with me now. The separation you promised me was indeed just a separation. Because we are back together again, and I will cup these opportunities with both my hands. “Let’s begin our relationship again,” I whisper, as I lovingly kiss you. “It will be that much sweeter.”

But let’s admit it. We both know that it is only a matter of time before we will have another spell of separation. Having survived the first time without going crazy, I suppose it will be easier for me to handle subsequent breaks from each other.

In fact, I’m looking forward to that next time. Because that would mean that I am a father again. 🙂

I love you.

P.S I made a portrait of you with GIMP. I’m obviously no artist, but this is a humble token of my deep love for you.

My perfect friends

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