22 May 2012, by Mandy Loh

Fun in the Sun!

We’ve been having lots of outdoor activities recently, and it’s been great fun!

Well, at least I had fun. Cristan’s just deadpan as usual. But seriously, he has been smiling a bit more on average. Just not in many of these pictures, unfortunately!

It all started last week, when I went to a wonderfully old-school playground at Mt Sophia, with wooden see-saws and real sand! It also had an awesome baby swing which Cristan absolutely loved. From then on, I resolved to bring Cristan outdoors more often, because children SHOULD go out and play! Although the weather is usually too hot and humid in Singapore, (and honestly, Tim and I would prefer indoor playgrounds just for the comfort) but there really is more fun to be had outdoors! Besides, it is healthy to get a nice dose of Vitamin D once in a while!

Wheee! I love the swing, mama! That's why I'm flashing a rare smile!

That day was also the first time Cristan felt sand (yes, even though we’ve been to Sentosa several times, and Bintan and Bali, we didn’t actually let him touch the sand all this while). So I was very glad that he didn’t really flinch when his feet touched the sandy surface. He gamely took a few steps on this foreign substance, without the slightest complaint. So I thought, ok, let’s put him down on his bum and let him really get close to explore.

What's this funny thing called sand? Well I don't like it, it's not good for crawling on!

After he warmed up a little to it though, he actually flashed another little smile!

Sand ain't that bad after all...it just takes a little getting used to! And I can play with this cool shovel thingy...


You...took...the shovel...away...

Now what, mama?

Well, the shovel and other sand toys did belong to his cousin, so she had every right to take it back from Cristan. (Sorry, that’s life, sweetie!) To distract him, we put him on the see-saw.

Still not happy, mama...

Inspired by the rather successful outing, I planned another one over the weekend to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden (part of the Botanic Gardens). It’s a wonderful place to bring kids, perhaps more suited for toddlers and pre-schoolers, and not so much for babies. Nonetheless, we still had fun!

At the sand play area. Cristan wasn't too pleased and his pointing translates to: "You! Mama! Pick me up now!"

We moved on to explore a treehouse which has two tunnel slides, which looked so fun! But I didn’t have the confidence to let Cristan go on his own (adults are not allowed to accompany their children down). So we just sat at the little table and chairs and took a breather.

Now if only we had a little bit of tea and biscuits...

Random pic: Cristan doing his best Forrest Gump impersonation. "I'm waiting for the bus, mama!"

To cool off, we brought him to the water play area, which sadly, he didn’t like at all!

What are you doing to me, mama?!?

Even his favourite friend, Coco, who was having a real ball, couldn’t cheer him up!

Don't touch me...

So eventually, we called it a day, dried him off and changed him out. We headed off for brunch, and guess what happened?

The way to this boy's heart is through his stomach!

So I suppose our future outdoor activities should feature food more prominently! Perhaps that’s the way to bring out more smiles from this boy? Well, we’re going for a picnic tomorrow, so wish us luck, folks!


Mandy Loh


May 27th, 2012 at 3:10 pm    

Haha thanks friends!

Yes, Dannie, I totally agree. Cristan doesn’t know what he’s missing out on!

And Yi Lin, she’s not ragamuffin! She’s “devil-may-care” cool chic!

Esther, you’re right. The best way to get a smile out of this cool dude is with food!

Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

May 23rd, 2012 at 3:07 am    

I love the sand pit series, esp the pic of the chubby little arm claiming ownership over her pink shovel.

Didn’t realise that Coco looked like a total ragamuffin at Jacob Ballas. No wonder Cristan was so apprehensive. Have made a mental note for future grooming lessons for the little lady.


May 23rd, 2012 at 2:33 am    

haha, so cute. Seems like Cristan loves his food more!

Dannie Cho


May 22nd, 2012 at 5:11 pm    

Pfft. Someday, Cristan will learn to appreciate girls in wet t-shirts a LOT more. 🙂

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