29 March 2012, by Jaime Teo

Doing Catch Up!

After a 6 month hiatus, I’m back! I was initially hesitant about doing a monthly entry because with a growing business and a growing toddler, finding time to write is a challenge. However I realised that just pictures (although they speak a thousand words) do not capture the moment for me the way writing about it does. Writing is somehow more honest versus pictures where everybody is smiling for the camera. Does that make any sense?

That said, of course taking pictures still reign on a holiday — how else am I going to remember the little physical details right? I’ll admit that I have gotten lazier with the camera of late though *hang head*. In Renee’s first month, we had the camera on hand ALL THE TIME.

“She blinked!” *take picture*
“She smiled!” *take picture*
“She’s making that poo poo face!” *take picture*

You get the drift. But now, a week can go by without any pictures plus she seems to have developed an aversion to the camera — maybe too much of it in her younger days, so I decided that I needed to make a commitment to write and here I am!

Ok let’s get back to the catching up bit:

It has been a busy busy half a year since my last entry. On the work front, Twelve Cupcakes has expanded to 3 outlets and we are growing and growing! I’m really proud of the company and more importantly, I am living the work-life balance I had hoped for. The 10-hour days at the shop when we just opened will forever be etched in my mind because it was so difficult to be away from Renee for such long hours. It sounds a tad pathetic but I was wiping away tears in the kitchen at the beginning let’s just say having separation anxiety for awhile….

As for the family, we just moved home last week because Dan wanted to remodel the house. So we rented a condo to stay in for almost 2 months which was a great experience because Renee had a pool to swim in and we enjoyed a different lifestyle. It’s only the moving that was a pain because moving is really tedious and well… a pain!

On the Renee front, it amazes me that she can suddenly do so much! The learning curve for toddlers has got to be the steepest at this time of their lives. Renee experienced her many firsts — her first independent climb at the playground, her first major knee scrape, and many first time words. In fact, we were super amazed when she showed us three months ago, that she was actually listening all those times we read her flash cards:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Chbefao3KWM (If you do not see a video here, please click on the link!)

It is true that kids are like sponges at this point — they just absorb and absorb! Of course it works like a double edged sword so we are more careful with the things we say around her and gently remind our friends to do the same too.

Oh and another major milestone for all of us, is that she started nursery this month and is now learning to cope with being on her own. Her teachers tell me that while she is no longer crying the ENTIRE morning, she frequently asks to be carried and has not joined in classroom activities.

The first two weeks were a little heartbreaking, to have to leave her crying. Then this week, I asked Dan to drop her off because I felt like we could share the trauma he should. Imagine my shock when he returned very quickly, and told me casually that everything went well. I had to ask for a detailed account of what “went well” means and he told me simply that Renee didn’t cry and even said “Bye Bye Daddy” when he left.

Shocking right? Needless to say, dropping Renee off at school has become Daddy’s duty. Apparently, Daddies do a better job at dropping their kids off than Mommies and that is documented. Now I know.

Like other mommies shared with me — I will be really pleased with having some time to myself in the mornings when she’s at school and it’s looking like they were spot on. =D

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Jaime Teo

Jaime Teo

April 2nd, 2012 at 5:47 am    

alvin : Aw… Thanks! You have a fab week ahead!

zihwye : Wow – separation ‘scars’ last a long time huh!


March 31st, 2012 at 9:03 am    

good to see you back! =)

actually i do remember wailing when i was dropped off by my parents at art class or the first couple of days at primary school.

think i had a bit of separation anxiety in those days lol. always had issues with leaving parents.


March 29th, 2012 at 1:52 am    

We miss you Jaime!! 🙂 Thanks for writing again, you’ve always been so inspiring!

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