29 March 2012, by Mandy Loh

Always Wash the Casserole Dish

This is in response to Yilin’s latest blog entry on our recent Bali trip. Do read her awesome account of our trip first, then come back for the full story of why you must Always Wash The Casserole Dish. (This entry is also known as “Avoiding Misadventure By Listening to Your Wife”)

We actually started our Bali holiday on a terrible note – by missing our flight! 🙁 We arrived at the check-in desk 35 minutes before flight time, but the counter had closed just 10 minutes earlier. And because we booked our flight on a budget airline, we had to re-purchase one-way tickets for all 3 of us. No discounts or refunds for our missed flight, no option to pay a fee for changing flight timing. Our previous tickets were completely written off! Totally suckky…but I suppose it was our fault for being late.

And why did we arrive late? Now this is where the story gets interesting. It was partly because we had to get a taxi at 8am on a weekday, notoriously difficult as it was peak hour with everybody rushing to get to work. Even though we started calling quite early, we only managed to get a cab at 8.10am, but that’s ok as it would still have gotten us to the airport in time for our 9.25am flight.

What happened next was the clincher. Just as the cab was about to drive off, Tim groped around his pockets and muttered something about needing to go back upstairs to get something. So he dashed off, leaving baby and I bewildered and anxiously watching the minutes tick by. He came back down a while later, still flustered, and checked the luggage in the boot. When he finally re-entered the cab, he asked the driver to head to the airport, but continued fumbling around looking for something.

“What is it?” I asked.

“The lock…the luggage lock…I can’t find the keys…I had it in my pocket but it’s not here anymore!” he replied.

At this point, the cab had already turned out onto the main road, zipping towards the PIE, when I realised he meant the luggage that MY things and CRISTAN’S things were packed in! In a panic, I insisted we turned back to look for the keys one more time, as it wouldn’t be a very fun holiday when ALL our clothes and other essentials were inaccessible!

On hindsight, we should have just gone straight to the airport and broken the luggage lock when we reached Bali, because it would have been much cheaper than re-purchasing the air tickets. However, at that point in time, breaking the lock sounded pretty extreme and we thought we’d be able to make it for the flight.

Well, to cut a long story short, the U-turn cost us more time that we expected, and the elusive keys still could not be found. So after grudgingly getting new tickets and checking in ultra-early for our new flight, we decided to head back home once again to search for the keys, since we now had oodles of time to spare.

And guess what? Once we reached our apartment front door, I saw it. Near the shoe cabinet, lying quietly at the corner, WAS THE LUGGAGE KEY!!!

As it turns out, Tim had put the luggage key in his pocket together with the house keys. So it must have fallen out as he was pulling out the house keys to open the door. Of course, I would have definitely seen the luggage keys falling out if I were with him.

Unfortunately, he had asked me to go down to the cab with Cristan first, because the cab was already waiting.

And why did he need to stay behind for a little while? To wash a casserole dish that had been languishing in the sink since dinner the night before; which I had reminded him repeatedly to wash, and was prepared to wash myself, only that he insisted that “it would be done” and that I should leave it alone. And for his stubborn procrastination, we had to learn a painful, $500 lesson.

So what’s the moral of the story? Always wash the casserole dish. (When your wife tells you to do so, not when you’re rushing for a flight and the cab is waiting downstairs.)

The offending dish

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Mandy Loh


April 2nd, 2012 at 8:43 am    

Thanks Alex, Robert, yes we did enjoy the trip despite the missed flight! Just wanted to share the ridiculous reason why we missed it, and had to pay $500 extra for our trip! No longer a budget flight…


March 30th, 2012 at 4:15 am    

Hahaha, I better take notes…

Sorry abt the missed flight though.

Glad you guys had fun!


March 30th, 2012 at 1:17 am    

Oh dear…! Nvm hope you enjoyed Bali. 🙂

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