15 February 2012, by Mandy Loh

Ushering in the Year of the Dragon – A Photo Story in 2 Parts (Part 2: Singapore)

So the story of Cristan’s first CNY continues, with the rest of the celebration in Singapore! Following protocol, the first visit we made was to Ah-Tai, Cristan’s great-grandma!

It’s always such a delight for Ah-Tai to see her great-grandchildren, and despite her age (almost 90!), she’s still strong enough to hold him! (While seated, of course)

Cristan in yet another CNY outfit, complete with his usual deadpan expression

This boy’s got a great future ahead of him. He knows how to tug at one’s heartstrings, sayang-ing his Ah-Tai in his own special way. Where did he learn that from? I guess he’s a natural!

Nose-to-nose, forehead-to-forehead. A baby's love language?

What really got Cristan’s interest, however, was the humongous teddy bear sitting at the side of the dining room.

Like whoa...the teddy's nose is about as big is my head!

Just for laughs, we had to take a full-length shot with Cristan sitting on Teddy!

Hey guys...seriously...I've a feeling there's something behind me...and its BIG...

After a while, he was due for a nap, but amidst all the excitement, he just wouldn’t close his eyes. And that’s when we found out a funny thing about Cristan: when he’s sleepy, he’ll be moody and expressionless at first, and after that stage, he would suddenly become super-hyper and full of smiles!

Stage 1 tiredness: blank stare

Stage 2 tiredness: All smiles!

Although it’s really cute to see him all bubbly and smiley, it’s still very important to get him to nap fast, otherwise we’ll be in for a massive meltdown! And true enough, after we left, he knocked out in the car!

Next stop: Cristan’s Po Po and Gong Gong’s place!

All decked out in auspicious colours of red and gold. Cristan's back to his usual deadpan expression

My parents prepared a yummy dinner for us, and even set aside a chicken drumlet for Cristan to enjoy! Such a blessed boy! (Sorry no photos…we were too busy enjoying the food!)

It’s a good thing that CNY stretches over 2 whole weeks, giving us time to catch up with friends as well. We met up for lunch with the social group, and Cristan was pretty happy to see Coco. Alas, the affection was one-sided…

How ya doin'?

Son, you gotta work harder…perhaps a work-out would impress her?

99...100...And if I don't get the girl, at least NS will be a breeze!

Until then, I'll just use the mirror to practice for my true love's kiss...

The only thing that marred our CNY this year, was that after we arrived back from Brunei, both Tim and I came down with a bad cold! So we were sniffling and coughing and UNABLE TO ENJOY THE GOODIES!!! Amazingly, Cristan had the strongest immunity amongst the 3 of us – he was the only one that was well despite all the germs surrounding him! I suppose that goes to prove that breastmilk is really good for baby! 🙂

Overall, Cristan’s first CNY was a huge success. It was great to have been able to celebrate with both sets of family in two different countries, and for the relatives in Brunei to meet him for the first time. Looking forward to more family celebrations in future!

That was fun! Let's do this again!

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