14 February 2012, by Mandy Loh

Seasons of Love

I was working on Part 2 of my CNY celebrations when I realised it’s Valentine’s Day today, the day to celebrate LOVE. So I put aside my other draft to write this!


As the lovely song from the musical Rent goes, how do you measure a year in a life?

In daylights, in sunsets,

In midnights, in cups of coffee…

I must say the above is quite appropriate, when you measure a year of life with a new baby! And of course, the most beautiful answer of all that followed: Measure in Love. Seasons of Love…

It’s been said that love changes everything. And although I’m quite a romantic at heart, I never really felt the truth of that statement until Cristan came along! (Sorry Tim!) As a wise person once said, never ask a new mother who she loves more: her baby or her husband. The husband would not be able to handle the reply.

Who would ever have though that this pint-sized arrival would:

1) Make me actually interested in cooking again!

I lost interest in all things culinary after taking Food & Nutrition in Secondary school. Trust the wonderful school system in Singapore to kill any passion for a particular subject through teaching it!

However, now that I’m doing Baby-led Weaning (as I mentioned in my previous post) I’m suddenly inspired to start cooking and experimenting with recipes, so that I’m able to provide nutritious, salt- and sugar-free food for Cristan. I’m also constantly thinking about creative ways to serve food such as steamed fish, such that he’s able to handle it and get it to his mouth.

Happily serving him my original recipe of potato and fish cakes, made with love! (Can you spot the heart-shaped one?)

2. Make me wake up at all sorts of unearthly hours

I would never have imagined being able to get out of bed at 3am at the slightest whimper, and cuddle a 7+kg bundle around in arms for half an hour to get him back to sleep. Absolutely nothing else in this world, short of a meteor crashing into my apartment, would have been able to rouse me from such sweet slumber!

3. Make me actually want to leave my dream job

Although being a stay-at-home-mom had always been the desire of my heart, I was in a dilemma for a while because my current job is something I’m really passionate about. In addition, the management had offered me a work-from-home arrangement, which was awesome!

Unfortunately, the Director that had offered that wonderful flexible work arrangement left the organisation, and the current Director that I report to now was not as comfortable with this arrangement. We tried to make it work for the last 4 months, but it gradually became clear that things were getting a little strained.

This push factor, along with the irresistible pull factor of staying home and being with Cristan 100% without having to be distracted by work, sealed the deal for me. I tendered my resignation last week, and will officially be a SAHM from March!

I will certainly miss the lovely people whom I work with, because they are more than colleagues to me; they are wonderful friends!
To my WVS friends, past and present: Happy Friendship Day to you, I LOVE YOU AND WILL MISS YOU ALL!!!

Some of the wonderful people I work with

However, if you’re a little concerned that I’m focusing too much on the baby and not on the husband, no worries! I’m totally aware that it’s important to keep the flame of romance alive between husband and wife, and we DID have a simple Valentine’s Day celebration in advance last Saturday (as Tim’s away on a work trip this week). In fact, we attended a Maybe Baby talk on precisely that topic, held at Resorts World Sentosa! And after that enjoyable event, we had a really pleasant afternoon walking around Sentosa, just enjoying each other’s company sans baby. So everything’s ok folks! We’re doing fine as a couple! 🙂

Just don’t ask me the question of who I love more, and everything will be swell 😉

Just kidding! Not everything is a competition ok? I love BOTH my husband and my son! 🙂


Mandy Loh


February 25th, 2012 at 2:59 pm    

Thanks Alex! Am looking forward to this new season too! 🙂 Last day of work would be 1 March!!!


February 15th, 2012 at 12:41 am    

Hey Mandy, it’s great that you’re gonna be a SAHM! It is such a precious time when our children are young. 🙂

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