17 January 2012, by Dannie Cho

Adios 2011. Hola 2012


Wow, what a year it has been. 8 months of anticipation. 8 months of worry. 8 months of planning. 8 months of hoping. And the remaining 4 months? A heady combination of joy, frustration, smugness, desperation, learning and horniness. And that’s just the work. Okay, it’s not the work. Horniness has no place at work, you know. ­čÖé

The roller-coaster ride that was 2011 looks set to carry on into 2012. And being a first-time dad, I’ve made a list of things that I am really, really looking forward to.

1) Collecting Colette’s passport. My mother-in-law somehow managed to capture a smiley picture of Coco while she was lying on a piece of muslin. Use iPhoto to remove that little bit of drool at the side of her mouth and… voila! A damned cute passport photo! (Due to the extremely long time I took to create and publish this post, the truth is that we’ve already collected her passport!)

ICA accepted this pic! Whoohoo!

2) Introducing Colette to our friend, the travel bug. We already have Bintan, Bali and Maldives planned. The in-laws also want to do a self-drive in Hokkaido. I’m just not convinced that Coco is ready to take long car rides yet. (Again, the lag in posting this entry means that Bali is already done! We survived the ferry rides to Bintan with Coco. Bali will be a test on a short-haul flight and Maldives will be our test on a mid-haul journey. Fingers crossed!)

3) Waiting to see Coco turn. Turn, damnit! Turn! Amber, who is 2 weeks older than you, turned on her own more than a month ago!

4) Legitimately steal someone else’s angbao money. Red packets for Coco come to me! Bwahahahahahaha!

5) Getting a break from the annual “When are you going to have a kid” question. Well… we’ve leveled up now. The question would now be, “When will the next one be coming out. Try for a Dragon lah!”. Sigh… ah well. At the very least, I won’t hear insensitive remarks like,”Your dad is growing old. The only thing he needs now is a grandchild, then he can go in peace.” Which is a damned-seriously-WTF-kinda thing to say. Especially from a relative. Bah.

6) Starting lessons with Coco. I used to think that parents who start lessons for their kids so early in their lives are just being kiasu. But now, I see things from another perspective. It would be so much easier for everyone if Coco can just say “Eat” when she’s feeling hungry, rather than “nyah nyah nyah NYEAH NYEEEAAAHHHH!!!!”. Unless our teaching skills totally suck, and she says “Eat” when she wants her diaper changed…

7) Weaning. Weaning is going to be such a┬ámomentous occasion. Not only is there the thrill and excitement of seeing our baby eat solids, but more importantly, my wife’s boobs will be mine to love and to hold, till another baby do us part again! Which reminds me. I wrote a totally silly entry before on breast massage. I’m going to revisit this topic again in a future blog entry.

8) ┬áCelebrating her first birthday. We have no idea what we’re going to do yet. But we know that our daughter is especially blessed with so many people who love her. So I’m sure the presents will be fantastic! :p

9) Going back to in-line skating. Yi Lin and I used to skate pretty frequently along East Coast. Since the IVF treatment started, we have not been doing it, and a huge chunk of our weekly exercise routine has been cut out of our lives. We’re just waiting for Coco to get really comfortable with her stroller before attempting to skate while pushing her along.

10) And finally… eh, wife… want to try for Dragon baby or not?

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