16 January 2012, by Benjamin Heng

A Man With Four Kids

I write this blog with a very heavy heart! The New Year was supposed to be a joyous occasion! But my family was shocked with very unwelcomed news around noon. I received a call from my sister and she muttered: “_______ passed away!” And I was like: “What?! Who?!” And she exclaimed: “Uncle Siet passed away!” And Michelle and I just broke down.

My uncle met with an accident in Malaysia, near Mersing while on a bike trip with his mates! I shall not elaborate on the details of this fateful event which my family is still trying to get to terms with.

He was a great man who always put his family’s interests first, followed by his friends’. He never had any vices like drinking, smoking or partying. His greatest passion since he was a kid was biking!

I remember watching Wayne Rainey, Mick Doohan on Moto GP with him in the 80s. And he himself had gone on countless trips, be it road trips or on tracks, on as many different bikes as you can name!

We are still mourning his early departure as I blog! You might be thinking why I should be blogging it here! Reason is that he was a father of four children aged 10, 13, 16 and 18! And because of this, I really admire him even more!

This guy was never good academically but made up with his street smart ways and willingness to work! I mean he went sailing as a teenager and went on to work in the USA as a chef apprentice before becoming an executive chef!

Then he met his wife and the rest was history! He had a kid followed by another and another and another! And now the only consolation, I deem, is that he left his wife with four kids!

Many apologies if I am not making sense to you but at this moment or rather during this mourning period, having more kids actually makes sense! I mean I would want more company for Michelle if I were to ever leave the mortal world! I would want my legacy to continue and for them to look after the Love of my life! Especially when I always say I would want Michelle to pass on before me so that she would not be lonely!  I can imagine the joy he must have had experienced being a father of 4 wonderful well-behaved children!  I have one myself and I am already over the moon!

On Christmas eve, we just had a party together and Uncle Siet was just raving about how Sophie was willing to hug him and all… …

O-Levels results were just out and his eldest son has done well enough to enter the Polytechnic as he had always wished.  Uncle Siet would have been so proud if he was still here!  But I know, somewhere, somehow over there in a better place, he knows!

Rest In Peace My Dear Uncle Siet! Metta World Peace!

Uncle Siet At One Of His Recent Bike Trips!

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