28 December 2011, by Mandy Loh

A Month to Remember –Awesome December!

I’ve been wanting to blog for a while now because it’s been a really fun month, with Cristan turning 6 months old and tons of milestones to celebrate! But it’s also been a crazy busy month at work, and then before I knew it, the Christmas festivities were upon us…so I’ve only JUST managed to find time to take a breather and write!

First HUGE milestone: Cristan starts (semi) solids!

I’m proud to have been able to exclusively breastfeed Cristan for the first 6 months, so it was a rather momentous occasion to let him have his first taste of something else on his 6th month birthday! We started with organic brown rice cereal, because it sounded pretty healthy, and was also recommended (and given) by my sis!

"Hmm...what's this strange new gooey mush? And why is everyone so excited??"

As is our family tradition, Cristan’s doting grandparents prepared an entire chicken to celebrate, and presented him with the choicest drumstick to commemorate his foray to solid food!

Mommy and Daddy are lovin' it, but Cristan's not too pleased at the moment.

After he got used to the smell, he seemed to quite like the drumstick! (Or maybe he thought it was a funky teething toy…?)

"Ok, now I wish I actually had teeth!"

Since that first meal, Cristan has developed a huge liking for his cereal, often grabbing the spoon while I’m trying to feed him, and slurping it with gusto. I’m delighted that it’s so easy to feed him, but at the same time, I actually feel a little sad that we’ve begun the process of weaning. I love nursing him and don’t really want to stop! I know it’s silly since it’s still a long way to go…but I already feel kinda sentimental! (Goodness…I’m jealous of cereal!)

Yummy! Gimme more cereal...Mommy you're too slow! Lemme at it myself!

Second big milestone: Cristan cuts his very first tooth!

We knew he had been teething for a while now, with the ridiculous amount of drool drenching his bibs every 5 minutes, and the constant need to gum anything and everything in his path. But seeing that teeny bit of his first tooth peeking out of his gums was something unexpectedly exciting! I was alone at home, playing with him on the bed, when I somehow spotted that tiny sliver of white. To be sure, I stuck my finger into his mouth, and true enough, felt the unmistakable edge of a tooth as he gummed away! The worst part of it all was not being able to share the excitement immediately with Tim, who was in KL for a work trip that day.

It's tough to take a photo of that teeny bit of tooth, so here's the best shot...taken while he was wailing away!

Cristan’s first Christmas!

Lastly, it was absolutely wonderful to celebrate Christmas as a family of three this year! We started by bringing Cristan to attend a Christmas cantata on the 23rd, and amazingly, he was totally enthralled and captivated by the performance! He sat quietly on Daddy’s lap and focused 100% on what was happening on stage, until he fell asleep (no offence to the performers…it WAS his bedtime). He fussed just a little later on, but only because it was time for his feed. We were impressed! Perhaps we’ll be able to bring him to more shows soon! (Sorry folks, no photos were allowed…so there are none to share!)

The main event, of course, was Christmas dinner with family, a rowdy and totally riotous affair as usual.

Cristan arrives at Popo's house, dressed as Santa's Little Helper

A family photo of us all squashed up on the sofa!

A heartwarming Hallmark moment was having all the kids gathered around playing with their presents!

Cristan tries to join in the fun!

We even managed to celebrate Christmas with the social group, but unfortunately, amidst all the fun and noise of having 4 kiddos around the table, none of us remembered to take a group picture! So here’s just one with Cristan’s self-professed favourite uncle!

Uncle Jeremy holding Cristan while Mommy wolfs down her lunch

It’s definitely been an awesome month for us, and to end off, I’d just like to wish everyone a belated Merry Christmas, and a fantastically blessed New Year! 🙂

Have a BEE-autiful new year!

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