14 December 2011, by Benjamin Heng

Dealing with ‘Rejections’

Alright!  I am sure many of us have faced countless ‘rejections’ in our life, whatever that situation may be.  Personally, I am one of those who cannot take or handle ‘rejections’ very well.  Kudos to those who can!

Let me cite some examples that might be familiar to some of you!  I have been ‘rejected’ since the day I was born!  I was born with Jaundice — hence was ‘rejected’  from being discharged from the hospital as I was to be hospitalized for further treatment!  After my PSLE, I was ‘rejected’ — sent not to the secondary school of my choice!  And then there were those times when the many girls of my dreams ‘rejected’ me!  Not to mention also those countless auditions when the roles went to the other artistes!  And more recently, dealing with my daughter, Sophie’s ‘rejections’!

For those who have watched my latest reality programme titled ‘Daddy 101′, currently being aired on Channel U every Monday at 9.30pm, you would know what I am talking about.  Or may even empathise with me!  For those who have missed the episodes so far, you may catch it on video.xin.msn.com.

With a reality show approach to feature four celebrity daddies, this light-hearted educational programme highlights the different learning points and the highs and lows of an active fatherhood, delivering useful tips while keeping the audience engaged with some of the reality drama which is real, I kid you not!  Well, at least for my segments!  I have had feedback from the public that this programme is indeed informative and at the same time entertaining!

Okay!  Enough publicity already…  Just go catch it!

Sophie Cycling @ 'Daddy 101' Shoot

To elaborate further, on me dealing ‘with rejections’, you will be able to see how I struggled initially in the programme with Sophie ‘rejecting’ me on many occasions!  Like how she would not allow me to bathe her, or to carry her when her mama’s around?  Or even for me to feed her.  Actually, sometimes she still rejects me but just not as often!

Well, I used to struggle and ponder about these rejections and even related it to me being an inadequate papa or as an individual. But I realized that these rejections are really really quite common!  It really depends on how you would want to perceive these so called ‘rejections’.  I mean ‘rejections’ are a way and part of life whether you like it or not!  It moulds a person’s character!  You could whine about it and go sulk all you want, or take a different approach and view it from different perspective.

Sophie, coming into my life taught me just that!  She made me stop in my tracks to think and deal with things in a different manner.  In the programme, you will see that I sometimes felt resigned to my fate and would shake my head in disbelief.  But it was through these circumstances and so called ‘rejections’ that made me realize that sometimes in your life, you may not always get what you want or have things done the way you like it!  It is through viewing it from a parent’s perspective that I now just embrace whatever ‘rejections’ from her.  In fact, I crave for it now!  Better to have to deal with her ‘rejections’ than not to have her around me.  Like they say in hokkien — ‘Boh Hee Hey Mah Ho’ (Loosely translated as ‘No Fish, Prawns will do!)

Perhaps, this is unconditional ‘PARENTAL LOVE’.

I have been guilty of ‘rejecting’ my close ones and others as well all my life!  And it took my little one to make me realize how to deal with ‘rejections!’  Now is it a revelation or an irony?  I’ll let you decide!

Michelle & Sophie During Art Class @ Kids Gallery

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