1 November 2011, by Mandy Loh

Road Tripping!

We survived our first overseas trip to Malaysia!

It was a little intimidating to plan an 8-hour drive up to Ipoh with a 4 1/2 month old baby in tow. But we had already done a stay-cation in Sentosa and also stayed over at grandparents’ place for a few nights, so we were as ready as we could be!

The entire car boot was filled with Cristan's things - yes, we even brought his bathtub!

With Cristan’s spanking new passport in hand, and a very spiffy new car seat installed, we were on our way, bright and early on Friday morning. We also gave him a new toy, Sophie the Giraffe, to entertain him on the long journey.

Tasty upside-down Sophie!

Mommy was especially excited about the immigration card, stating that this would be Cristan’s first visit to Malaysia!

Whoa! First visit to Malaysia!!

And after passing through customs, became even more excited about the very first chop on his passport!

Cristan's not as impressed with his first passport chop...his thumb was much more interesting!

At this point, I’d like to shatter a misconception about cars. Car makers seem to like emphasising how smooth and silent their car is, with some advertisements featuring a peacefully sleeping baby. Well, as it turns out, the bumpier the car, the better for baby! Our car has a crazily hard suspension, but it lulled our baby to dreamland in no time!

Check it out! Cristan's enjoying his bumpy nap!

Check it out! Cristan enjoying his bumpy nap!

After a nice, long nap, we had a rest stop to stretch our legs and grab a bite, and Cristan was in a wonderfully good mood. Guess he was glad for the opportunity to stretch HIS legs too!

I think Cristan knows he's on holiday! Look how excited he is!

Some bigger rest stops had nappy changing facilities, but by the time Cristan’s diaper became full, there wasn’t one nearby, so we just did what we could and changed him in the car. This photo was taken while changing a rather uneventful wet diaper, but on the journey home on Sunday evening, we had a terrible diaper-blow out with poop all over his onesie! Gosh that was a real challenge!

Diaper change - on the move

Surprisingly (for me at least, as I was bracing myself for some challenges), it was a very pleasant journey up to Ipoh, and it was awesome for Cristan to get to meet his extended family for the very first time. (Tim’s father comes from a family of 10 children! At dinner, we took up 4 tables in total!)

We were also there to commemorate All Souls’ Day, a Catholic tradition that has been observed annually by Tim’s family.

Saying a prayer for the faithful departed, Cristan's Tai-gong and Tai-po

It was a blisteringly hot day, but Cristan was a real star. He hardly fussed at all in the sweltering heat, but quietly waited till the event was over. All of Tim’s relatives were highly impressed by his excellent behaviour. When we got into the car however, he didn’t hesitate to let us know what he really thought of the matter by crying and fussing quite loudly. Looks like this little fella knows how to make a good impression on people! Only his parents get to experience his full fury!

Overall, it was a very successful first overseas trip! I think we could try taking him for a flight on the next one! Looking forward to it already!

Visiting the Perak (limestone) caves. Cristan was enjoying himself, really! Can't tell from his deadpan expression though...

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Mandy Loh


March 9th, 2012 at 4:57 pm    

Hi Sophie the Giraffe, I will go join it now! 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog! 🙂 By the way, I HAVE gone to your official website and love the fact that so many celebrities’ kids have Sophie too!

Sophie the Giraffe

March 9th, 2012 at 10:46 am    

Hi! Thanks for the picture! What a nice holiday!

Have you joined our fan page at http://www.facebook.com/sophiethegiraffe?

Mandy Loh


November 9th, 2011 at 1:27 pm    

Haha yes he’s a cool dude, probably will be a very good poker player next time!


November 2nd, 2011 at 2:31 pm    

i see what you meant by “deadpan”. 😛

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