29 October 2011, by Benjamin Heng

Back To School

We both (wife and myself) recently went back to school!  Michelle went back to school to get a course — a diploma in early childhood education.  A very brave decision!  And I went back to sending Sophie to school!  Both of us have been feeling nothing but tiredness and fatigue!  But I think my wife’s got the more difficult task!

I mean it’s bad enough that she has to attend full day classes 5 times a week but she also has to submit 2 assignments per week. And the last time she obtained her double degree from Australia was a gerzillion years ago!  Ok I’m exaggerating again!  But I am really glad all I have to do is drive our daughter to and from playschool and look after her while juggling my entertainment and real estate work!  If I am too busy to do so, my wonderful mother in-law will help look after Sophie!  How very blessed we are!

My poor wifey’s overly worried and thinks she will not do well in this course!  An excerpt from 1 of our earlier discussions on this topic goes like this:

Mich: ‘Babie! I am really stressed out from school!  Not sure if I can keep up with the hectic pace!’

Me: ‘What do you mean?  Why?  It’s only been a week!’

Mich: ‘My classmates are all younger than me!  And they all seemed to be coping well ‘cept me!’

Me: ‘Well babie, that’s cos most of them do not have the same drive and purpose as you.  You know why you’re doing this!  Think of the bigger picture.  A career in early childcare will do you good anywhere in the world even if we decide to re-locate to Australia one day. Besides, they do not have a cute and overly-zealous daughter like you who needs your attention when you’re home?  You can do this Luv!’

Mich: ‘Really?  You really think so?’

Me:  ‘Of course I really think so!  Remember the bigger picture?  And this subject is of great interest to you!’

Mich: ‘You’re right babie!  Think of the bigger picture!  Thanks Luv!’

Me: ‘Of cos I’m right!  I’m always RIGHT!’

Haha…  You guys can dismiss that last line!  I added that ‘feel good’ line!

On a serious note, I really do think my wife will not only do well in this course but will also do so in a breeze once she gets used to the pace!  And me?  I can’t complain lar!  I better work harder to provide for the family just in case one day I get kicked out of the house!  Maybe I should really get back to school?  Just kidding!  Like I say, I am getting the better deal now as I get to be with our darling daughter more these days!  That reminds me I have a very important task ahead!  Which is being a parent coordinator for Sophie’s upcoming school activity — ‘UN Day’!  I have to coordinate setting up the Singapore booth for this event! Moreover, I get to enjoy the adorable ‘darnest’ things she does at her age!

So please do not get me wrong!  I am not complaining at all!  Check me out after a few more blogs, who knows?  Perhaps I might be singing a different tune!  Maybe I will be the one saying the following line to my wife:

‘Babie!  I am really stressed out from school!  Sophie’s school’

I’ve attached some pictures of Sophie not wanting to go home when I was picking her up from school!

Swing Time Babie!

Meal Time!

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