27 October 2011, by Tracy Tan

We ride…(Tips on a pre-wedding shoot)

Ever noticed how couples in Singapore have to do a pre-wedding shoot before getting married? A lot of my friends from other countries pointed out that they only have a photographer on the actual day to capture precious moments. They found it interesting that here in Singapore we do a pre-wedding glamour shoot. (<——–that’s cause WE the citizens of SINGAPORE are just that photogenic and awesome!!)

Although I do quite a fair bit of shoots as part of my work, this photoshoot was particularly interesting because it was my first with G. While he was back for a week on leave, I seized the opportunity to arrange a photoshoot with the kind assistance of my friends — Angeline, my stylist and Dan, my photographer. Yours truly did my own make-up (budget budget). And strangely… we ended up taking a lot of pictures with cars as part of the “set-up” (yes, yes…boys and cars…another topic for another blog).

We were fortunate enough to have great weather throughout our shoot, and I am happy to announce that we managed to complete our part 1 pre-wedding shoot with great success! To share my success, here are my two cents worth of advice to all couples currently stressing over their pre-wedding shoots:

1) Make it meaningful. Shoot at locations, or with items, or clothes that are special and really mean something to the both of you. Don’t just follow what the “professionals” ask you to do for your shoot. They won’t be there in years to come, but your photos will.

2) I think it’s important that you meet with the photographer who will be shooting your pre-wedding photos in person before you decide on a particular wedding photo package. Most people will only get to see the photographer’s portfolio, but I personally think it is equally important to meet with the photographer to gauge if you will be able to strike a good chemistry with him. If you feel comfortable with the photographer, it would show in the pictures.

3) Also, picture references are very important. It gives you an idea of how your end product will look like. Pick out images that you like from magazines or the Internet. It can be a make-up reference so the make-up artiste can have a clearer idea of what you want, or it can be a lighting or concept picture that your photographer can envision. It’s easier for a team to work with you when you can show them visually what you would like to achieve for the shoot.

4) Watch “America’s Next Top Model” to learn tips on how to be a model for a day! They also prepare you on how gruelling shoots can be.

5) Make your partner watch “America’s Next Top Model”!

Hope this helps.
As I was looking through my pictures, I feel so happy that I was able to arrange such a wonderful and fun shoot with my friends and my husband-to-be. It was truly a memorable day. Oh… and as to why we had so many car shots. It’s not just because G loves his cars. It’s also because when he asked me to come along for the ride, he told me I must promise never to leave. I replied in the wise words of Rihanna’s song “We Ride” – “when we ride, we ride, it’s till the day that we die”.

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