26 September 2011, by Benjamin Heng

My Commitment To My Two Girls

Hey Guys!  Sorry for the delay in the blog!  What happened was, we both enjoyed the previous trip so much, we decided to do it again but this time with help!  We actually drove up to Genting, KL and Malacca again, with my in-laws and Sophie the week after!

Wow!  What a week we had!

To cut the story short, we spent like a whole week celebrating (or rather counting down to) Sophie’s 2nd birthday!  Her birthday’s on September 11th!  Man did she have a smashing good time!  So what do I think?!  Initially we weren’t sure if she would get used to travelling in long car rides but she proved otherwise!  I am so proud of her I tell’ya!  However, I must say travelling with a toddler is anything but simple when packing her stuff!  While couples need just a bag each, Sophie needed like a big bag and cooler box for all her stuff like clothes, diapers, milk warmer, swim float, milk powder, etc!  And we didn’t even bring a stroller!  Hah!

And the week ended with us spending a night at the Marina Bay Sands Suite overlooking the bay!  Huge space of about 4,000sqft!  We invited a few relatives and friends over to celebrate and she didn’t sleep like till way past midnight!

There is no doubt that I love my family to the core!  Like most fathers, I think I stress too much on trying and thinking of ways to provide a better life for the family and sometimes neglect spending quality time with them!  This could be because we still remember the poorer times during our childhood days?  Back then life was simpler, less intense and stressful!  And of cos cheaper!  A friend from Hong Kong recently visited Singapore and commented that I have changed!  From a party animal to someone who puts his family first no less!  But he also commented that I looked more tired and lost some weight though!  Another friend who recently re-located to Perth also commented that I looked more weary compared to before and also shared how much he is enjoying life in Perth!  He claimed that life in Perth is stress-free and that equates to more quality time spent with his family!  And he recommended that we try it (re-locating to Perth) too since Michelle still has her Aussie PR!

Now, he just added another option for me to think (stress about? Lol)!  Don’t get me wrong!  I am one who believes in having options to choose from!  But sometimes I wonder how much longer I can continue to strive in this fast- paced Singapore society!  It’s really getting quite expensive to live here in Singapore!  I am just worried that I will miss out on my daughter’s growing-up phase while striving for the wrong things in life!

Then on Sunday, as I was still thinking about my friends’ comments, it just struck me that despite having a hectic schedule, it is still possible to make time for family.  Well, I have been blessed with many productions and projects this year and the crazy film schedules plus my real estate appointments usually eat up my weekends you see!  So much so that I compromised on spending quality family time which I think is more important.  So on Sunday, I decided to set aside some time for Sophie and Michelle. Sophie totally enjoyed our family time as she sang and laughed wherever we went!  We had lunch at a Jap restaurant before proceeding to Toys ‘R’ Us.  Sophie had so much fun!  She was dunking on basketballs, air swimming, running around while being Iron Man!

What I am trying to say is that we can still have fun and spend quality time together without having to stay at MBS or go on expensive holidays (though it would definitely be nice)!  From now on, I will commit myself to having Sunday outings, be it just a few hours only with my 2 girls.

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September 27th, 2011 at 2:32 am    

Hi Benjamin, it’s great you brought Sophie for a trip. We also had our first trip with our 2 kids this year and it was such a great experience watching them learn with the exposure they get overseas! 🙂

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