20 September 2011, by Tracy Tan

Keep Dancing…

I thought I would do something slightly different for this blog entry. I have just finished putting together our house….well more or less…okok…I’m about 70% done with putting our house together. The point is, I thought I should show some pix to you guys around the house!!

My friends, Dan Ho and Angeline came over to have a “photoshoot” with me one sunny afternoon, while I was waiting for our dining table to arrive. We were supposed to talk about my wedding photo shoot, but in the end, we started playing around and started to shoot in the house! (ps: Dan is the photographer and Angeline is the stylist)

The first shot was taken when my dining table just arrived. Dramatic pose on table!

As we started to get ready for the shoot, i wanted to show you this painting i bought 10years ago. I fell in love with it the first time i saw it, and now it’s in my new home. The painting is really simple; just a girl dancing with a horse. I was however very inspired by the painting. It represented a dream to find a life partner who would be dancing with me throughout my lifetime. And just like the painting, our dance would last forever. 10 years later, my dreams are coming true!

Oh…and spot Tyson the Horse!

This was taken in the kitchen. Stepford wife in the making??

You can’t quite tell from here, but this is the master bedroom, and i’m sitting on my bedframe. As you can see, my bed is not in the frame yet!

This picture was taken during magic hour in the balcony.

And this last shot is the final product. This last shot is also incidentally my favourite time of the day. Sunset!

That’s about it for now. Hope you had fun looking at my photo journal as much as I had fun taking them. Having a home and being able to shoot in it felt very surreal indeed. It felt like my worlds were merging. Sometimes when things merge, it feels like it’s colliding. It’s a “good scary” kinda feeling. If ever good can come before the word scary, this would be one of the few times I’ve experienced it. These days, I’m enjoying the flow whatever it may be. Change is interesting as long as we keep dancing…

xoxo -trace-

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September 27th, 2011 at 3:01 am    

Hi Tracy, love that yellow dress, you look made for marriage and motherhood!

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