22 August 2011, by Tracy Tan

For The Very First Time…

“National Day just passed huh.” my friend, Debs exclaims to me as I start to compose my first entry. I’m currently in Shanghai, and am staying at her apartment. As I speak, both of us are sitting side by side, fiddling with our iPads. She’s certainly putting me in a very festive “National Day Spirit”, with the youtube video of “Home” playing off her iPad (the new version with Enlai’s rendition in his army uniform!) I guess I can finally commiserate with those who say,”you can take the girl outta Singapore, but you can never take the Singapore out of the girl”.

You must be wondering why I’m blogging on this forum…Well… It’s because I’m getting married!! I’m getting married!! I’m getting married to a wonderful man who’s currently serving our country in Afghanistan. He’s gonna be away for 6 months, so in the interim, I am busy taking care of the renovations of our new place, plus settling some of the wedding preparations. It’s definitely a new phase in my life. I’m growing up!

I am someone who posesses an unbridled spirit, always carefree and didn’t expect that I would settle down. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t against marriage, but I wasn’t gonna settle for anything, or anyone that just didn’t fit my ideals. I was waiting it out for “the one”.

Put it this way – in life, you can’t choose who your parents or siblings or siblings’ spouses are gonna be. You can try to shape your children, but even then, you can’t control how they turn out to be. In essence, the only family you can choose to be included in your life, is your spouse. Naturally, everyone should be picky. No?
Think about it, all of us are unique, just like a snowflake and none like another, surely there is someone special for just you and me. Perhaps you may think of me as being idealistic. Indeed, some of my friends had previously labelled me as being “too picky”, or “not the marrying sort”, or “commitment phobic”. At times, I thought that they were right, and yet, there was always a nagging feeling that it was out there. Someone just for me, and me alone. *somewhere out there song starts to play in my head* if that someone didn’t exist, i would still keep waiting…

 To cut the long story short, I found him! If you will, think of him having performed the unthinkable – the “taming of the shrew”! With him, my world is different – colors look prettier, water tastes better, the air feels altogether fresher, and my poopy days feel…feel…”I’m very excited for you to try my steak!” Debs hollers in my ear, and my wanderlust thoughts are abruptly interrupted.  My stomach churns in acknowledgement however, at the sound of the word “steak”. I pull myself up from my comfortable sitting position, pausing only to wipe off some drool from my iPad (which fyi, isn’t mine – courtesy of Debs’ uber cute Maltese, Barley) *image maintained*…Where was I? Oh…I found my snowflake. I know so cause I would only want to make little snowflakes with him! *grinch…mushy*

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