16 August 2011, by Benjamin Heng

What did I do to deserve this? – The Ultimate Beginning!

So my decision to blog on Maybebaby wasn’t an easy one. In fact it was scary to the max!  I mean, me a blogger?  Me who can hardly string a few sentences together without trying hard at thinking of the right vocab to use?  However, when I heard that I will be reaching out to new dads or dads-to-be, I jumped at the opportunity!

If you were to ask me whether I would consider blogging earlier this year, I would never have given it a second thought.  Why now then you may ask?  Turning the clock 3 months back, my beautiful lovely wife (she’s gonna be reading this so better ‘por’ her a bit!), Michelle got into quite a freaky mishap!  The silly girl was trying to get our daughter, Sophie’s new shoes (cos the current ones were getting tight) from the top wardrobe and she slipped when she stepped on the headboard and broke her left metatarsal (Yes the one that left David Beckam and Wayne Rooney injured for a long time)!  With her foot in a cast and on crutches, she was to rest at home for at least 3 months for the foot to heal completely (last I saw her this morning, not completely healed yet as I was blogging :p)  Sigh…  Me who is already holding 2 jobs (entertainment and real estate career) and trying very hard to be the sole bread winner of the family, will not only have to take care of our daughter’s needs but also the wifey’s?!!!  What’s going on?  What did I do to deserve this?

Prior to this unfortunate incident, during filming of a reality TV programme called ‘Daddy 101′, the producers of the show wanted to send my wife away for a vacation just so to see if I can handle taking care of Sophie by myself!  And now the story has taken a twist and I really have to take care of Sophie during this time that wifey’s foot is still in a cast, which restricts her movements quite a fair bit!  I think they (the producers) were secretly happy about this!  During the shoot, you could actually tell how weary and tired I am from being so busy working and looking after Sophie.  The mornings are never quite the same again as I have to clear her potty, bathe her, prepare her breakfast and send her to school.  This routine is followed by picking her up and taking care of her for the rest of day.  But alas!  I get the chance to bond with my darling daughter and know her even more. I never had much of a chance to do this when Michelle was looking after her 24/7.  And now I can certainly call myself a ‘Proud Daddy’!  Never before did I embrace the thought of looking after Sophie 24/7.  I am secretly looking forward to the next accident (haha kidding!  Wouldn’t want my wife to get hurt again lah)!

I would like to say that I am gonna blog to help fathers become new-age daddies by sharing tips, which I think will help new daddies or daddies who have been doing it wrong perhaps?  So do show some love and start reading my blogs ok?

A picture of ‘The Hengs‘ during their Melbourne trip in 2010!

Posted on : August 16, 2011

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Benjamin Heng


August 17th, 2011 at 6:54 pm    

Thanks Jing! YES! Sophie’s starting to cry alot now when she doesn’t get her way! But she melted my heart yesterday when i taught her to say my name! She goes like: Ben…Jimin!!! Haha! And she calls her mama: MeeSell!!! I am truly blessed! AMEN!


August 17th, 2011 at 6:58 am    

Benji!!! I like your blog!! Hehehe would love to see more pictures of your cute daughter and all your “mishaps” and adventures!! Yay!!

Benjamin Heng


August 16th, 2011 at 1:50 pm    

Yes Sir! Am trying to capture the moments on vids and pics! Do check back for upcoming blogs (be it mine or others) and feel free to give your 2 cents worth alrite buddy? And yes kopi soon! 🙂

Lim Ping

August 16th, 2011 at 7:40 am    

Hey Ben, enjoy the growing up phase, you will only go through it once for every child.
I didn’t had the chance as much as I wanted when my daughter was growing up but whatever pieces of memories I have are precious ones, be it good or bad 🙂
Gotta get Benny and you out sometime soon for coffee 🙂

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