8 August 2011, by Mandy Loh

Have sling, will travel

Cristan and I have settled into a pretty comfortable rhythm, and I’m really enjoying my new life as a mom. Since two weeks ago, I’ve gained the confidence to bring Cristan out on my own, and have been “gallivanting” quite a bit!

First outing: a visit to my office to introduce Baby Cristan to all the adoring aunties and uncles, and to hold a satellite first month party. It took a bit of logistics planning – ordering a cake by phone to be picked up along the way, and arranging for tea time snacks to be delivered to the office, so that I don’t have to carry too many things there, including baby! Lastly, hop into a cab with baby in sling, and voila! Mission accomplished!

Celebrating Cristan's first month with office colleagues

Next: Lunch in Orchard with another mommy friend. The skies conspired against me by raining all morning, but I was undeterred. Again, with baby in sling and diaper bag in hand, I’m free as a bird to head out of the house, and nothing’s gonna stop me from hitting good ol’ Orchard Road. (Thank goodness there wasn’t any flooding that day!)

Lunch in Orchard with a friend and her cute little boy! Too bad she couldn't be IN the picture coz she was taking the shot...

I’ve also started to hang out a lot more with my sister, who is a stay-at-home mom with 2 kids. Now that I’ve a little tyke of my own, we have lots to talk about! (Actually its more like me asking lots of questions and she providing advice!)

So yep, things are going well and I’m having fun because I can get out of the house independently and maintain my sanity! But hey, don’t get me wrong, life  has not been a bed of roses entirely! I feel like tearing my hair out at times when the baby fusses and cries, but these occasions are actually quite rare (perhaps for half an hour at night before he sleeps) and he calms down after some cuddling and rocking. I guess I’m really blessed to have a sweet angel of a baby who can even fall asleep on his own on some nights, just by watching the cot mobile!

I’m also very proud of myself for managing quite ok on my own, even when Tim has to travel overseas for work! (He’s already gone on two trips so far). The only tough part was trying to take a shower, and having to leave the baby unattended for that period of time. I put him on a rocker just outside the bathroom door, and rushed through the shower as quickly as I could. It got rather stressful when he decided to cry just when I was in the middle of soaping up…but I suppose a little crying doesn’t cause any permanent damage…right? (*crosses fingers*)

As parents, Tim and I are quite determined to continue having as normal a social life as possible. We firmly believe in the “whole family parenting philosophy”, where the baby should fit into the family, and not the other way round where our world revolves around the baby. We don’t tiptoe around in silence when the baby sleeps, so that he would get used to everyday noises and be ok with it. We still hang out with friends at BBQs and gatherings, and arranged his feeding times to avoid clashing with lunch and dinner timings, so that we don’t turn into Mr and Mrs Anti-social by insisting everybody else has dinner at 5pm so that we can get home to feed the baby at 7pm!

Overall, I must say that I really love my new life with baby! (Looks like I’ve forgotten the harrowing first two weeks of the Motherhood Initiation already!) Little things like seeing him smile, and watching him grow day by day, just brings such an indescribable joy. Seriously, how can anyone gaze at this cute little face and not have all the blues instantly chased away!

Joy personified

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