1 May 2011, by Mandy Loh

Before-Baby Fun!

After a bout of serious preparations for baby, I swung the other way and went quite frivolous!

For my birthday, I requested for a present that was totally cute but silly – a Pretty Pusher dress! It’s a special dress to wear during childbirth so that I’ll look pretty in the photographs that Tim would be snapping in the delivery room when Boubbles arrives! Yes, very frivolous indeed. But isn’t it important to look nice on one of the most significant days in our lives – the birth of our very first child? So yep, I got what I requested for, and this is how I’ll look on the day I become a mommy!

Of course, I’m sure I’ll look much more dishevelled, but at least I’ll be dressed nice! The dress was thoughtfully designed with lots of openings (where the ribbons are) for monitoring devices to be placed on my belly, and a low-cut back in case I require epidural (which I’m really hoping to avoid if I’m able to handle the pain…)

And secondly, I got Boubbles a present! I’m not sure whether we should use this for Boubbles’ homecoming outfit from the hospital, or for the one-month party, but I just couldn’t resist it! Totally impractical but hey, who said parenthood had to be all serious and no fun?

Such a super cute outfit! I really really couldn't resist getting it! AND its in rather neutral colours of red and green!

Thirdly, I’m very proud to update everyone that Tim and I went for our bump photoshoot two days ago! We actually got down to that as well! It was pretty fun, more tiring than expected (I think everything I do now is more tiring due to the additional weight I’m carrying) but overall, an enjoyable experience. We cannot wait to preview the photos next week! And I promise I’ll upload them for you guys to see when we finally get them!

Tim and I have also become quite conscious about spending more quality time together. After all, we’re almost into the final month of the pregnancy and we know that life is going to be dramatically different in a very short while. We both really look forward to becoming parents, but we just want to enjoy as much of our couplehood for now, as much as we can. As such, I really thank God that I’ve had a very smooth pregnancy, which has enabled us to hang out and have fun throughout.

In fact, spurred by this desire to treasure the last few weeks of relative “freedom”, we just hosted a B-B-BBQ (Before-Baby BBQ) Party today, on LABOUR Day. Unplanned pun but oh-so-apt! We gathered a bunch of our close friends and invited them over to swim, BBQ and just hang out. The group comprised of expecting couples, couples with children, and friends whom we’ve known for years and just wanted to chill out with. We also invited our siblings (my sister has 2 kids, a 3-year old and an 8-month old). Everybody had lots of fun and we really hope to continue having such gatherings in future, even when Boubbles is around!

One of the kiddos that came for a swim!

A group picture - with another kiddo who lives really nearby. Hopefully a playmate for Boubbles next time!

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May 5th, 2011 at 8:39 am    

Wow there’s even “pretty pusher” dresses!

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