27 January 2011, by Dannie Cho

Trial of the Festivities

Getting a positive test result at the end of the year is one of the psychologically traumatic experiences I have ever been through.

After the mental high-fives and back-slapping, I was brought back to reality by a well-meaning friend who explained the difference between ‘pregnant’ and ‘positive test result’.

Okay… so now I gotta wait till 6 Jan, when the wife goes for a scan, to see our baby. 20 December to 6 Jan. That doesn’t sound like too long a time, does it? Well, it sure felt like an eternity to me!

And the reason behind this ordeal? A simple 3-letter word. Sex.

We tried going online to see whether it’s now okay to have sex. Some websites said yes, and some websites said no. Yi Lin’s regular gynae had left the hospital, so we didn’t really know which doctor at the Fertility Clinic to call to ask our seemingly ‘boh-liao‘ question. End result? Better safe than sorry. Abstinence.


Abstinence from 20 Dec to 6 Jan. No Christmas Eve sex. No Christmas sex. No long weekend sex. Then my birthday was on 30 Dec. Hitting the big 3-5! No birthday sex. Happy New Year! No New Year sex. No first day of school sex, but seriously, this last one didn’t bother me too much. 🙂

Yup, it does sound like I’m obsessed, doesn’t it? But hey, that’s the lure of forbidden fruit.

It also didn’t help that somewhere during this time, a friend shared a music video with me. One of the more hilarious ones I’ve seen, and with a catchy tune to boot. Go to Youtube and search for the song ‘I Just Had Sex’ by Lonely Island, featuring Akon. And woot! The MTV has cameos by Jessica Alba too! Schwing!

Catchy, no? Makes you just want to sing the chorus line over and over again? Well, I did, then I felt like a liar.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.

Ah well.

The trial was ending soon… or so I thought!

We visited the gynae on 6 Jan. I was so cheerful that day, because I was so, so sure that we would be given an all systems go. (Or is it ‘come’?) Waited impatiently while the gynae explained about some test for Down’s Syndrome for the baby that may or may not happen a few months from now, depending on whether or not we want it, and why would we want it, and why would we not want it…. *deep breath*

Get on with it, woman!

Finally, we got our chance when she paused and look at us. “Any questions?”

“Yeah. Can we have sex yet?”

“Better to wait till the pregnancy stabilises at 12 weeks.”


No Chinese New Year sex. No naughty sex while relatives are milling around the house while visiting. No long weekend sex. No Valentine’s Day sex…

Looks like I am going to be as celibate as a monk for these 3 months. Though, come to think of it, I’m not sure if this is a proper analogy, because I don’t know if monks are allowed to masturbate. But you get the picture.

All together now….*sigh*.

BUT! All is not lost! The wife picked up a pamphlet in the hospital recently. We finally have printed documentation in our hands, from a source that is trustworthy… sex is okay! Hooray!

Okay, see you later. I got someone to do now.


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Dannie Cho


February 1st, 2011 at 5:21 pm    

At last!!! VINDICATION!!!

See, Kenneth, the ladies who left comments before you can’t fathom the seriousness of my post because they don’t see it from a guy’s point of view.

It’s great to have a male reader who understands where I’m coming from! 🙂


January 31st, 2011 at 12:39 am    

Yo bro, can understand your predicament!


January 28th, 2011 at 6:36 am    

You dirty 35-year-‘old’ man!!


January 27th, 2011 at 10:03 am    


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