2 January 2011, by Tan Yi Lin

A Letter to the Man Above

Dear Mr God,

Happy New Year! How’s 2011 been for you so far?

You must have been busy attending birthday parties for your son all over the world over the past couple of week, so I’m not sure if you’ve gotten the memo. There’s probably an office circular somewhere in your inbox informing you that…. *drumroll*… my pregnancy test yielded a positive result!

The good news was simply the greatest Christmas present ever. We couldn’t have ended 2010 and started the new year on a higher and happier note.

Since then, I’ve been thinking about all those people whom I owe a big ‘thank you’ to for their care and support. And as one of the readers of this MaybeBaby blog pointed out, I really have You to thank for this wonderful gift.

Remember the letter I wrote earlier this ย year asking for some divine attention to my case file? Thank you for not flagging it as junk mail and chucking it aside (which is what I do alot with my mail, so I understand the effort it takes to read them all and sort out the ones to attend to. At least you don’t get those useless mailers from credit card companies.) I don’t know what exactly you did and how you did it, but you convinced the little embryos to hold on tight inside and they DID. You’ve got to share the secret with me cos I tend to talk to them once in awhile and I’m not quite sure if they’re really listening to me. Do you just make them listen and obey with a wave of your hand? Or do you have to coax them softly into behaving? Such a skill would come in useful too when they are in their teens and have their iPods perpetually plugged to their ears. But I get too far ahead of myself… let’s just focus on getting them to stay in there and grow big and strong first.

On a related noted to parenting, I want to thank you for blessing me and Dan with such wonderful parents. They have been so patient and understanding with respect to this whole IVF experience and have never ever nagged us about giving them grandchildren. In fact, they told us to relax, don’t worry and to take our time. No pressure. Aren’t they just great? I just found out today that my mother-in-law has been saying a prayer for us every single night before she goes to sleep. Well, thanks for listening ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you for our friends who have been so caring and supportive. They came over to visit when I couldn’t go out. They were mindful of what I could or could not do when planning group activities, and now that they know I’m expecting, they continue to do the same. Even friends whom I don’t meet very often have shared their concern through emails, SMSes, chat messages and phone calls. I’m also so encouraged and excited by all the people – many whom I have never met – who follow this blog and leave their comments, advice and congratulatory notes. I now know for sure that we made the right choice to let the world into our world instead of keeping our IVF experience under wrap for fear of hurt and embarrassment.

Thank you for the medical staff at the KKH IVF Centre, especially the nurses who fly around the clinic attending to hundreds of patients, doctors and neverending stacks of paperwork every day. If they hadn’t written and taken us through the mind-bloggling array of instruction steps, tests, injections, scans, medications, appointments, schedules and forms to fill so clearly, I would have screwed up somewhere for sure.

There is one particular stranger whom I remember for wishing me well. There is this joint project that my team does every year together with the Esplanade Theatres for the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown called the Wishing Spheres Project. It’s where we invite members of the public to pen their wish for the new year on one of the 20,000 wishing spheres that are subsequently floated in the bay to mark the wishes. I was collecting donations for charity at the wishing station located at Parkway Parade one evening and while there, penned a secret wish by quietly sketching a doodle of a pregnant woman on the wishing sphere. (I regret not snapping a photo of my wish but I was kinda embarrassed to show everyone that I had drawn a self-portrait of my future pregnant self.) The nice elderly staff manning the station caught sight of it, whipped out a marker and added below my wish with flourish that you made everything possible. I wonder if she knows that the wish came true. By the way Mr God, if you could spare the time to look at the thousands of virtual wishes on the event website, there really are alot of people who could do with your help to find jobs, get married and recover from illnesses this new year. It would be great if you could get a team of angels to look into their wishes.

And of course, thank you for the husband. He has remained cheerful and upbeat throughout this whole process and is a great source of comfort when I worry too much. He tells me that his supersperm is going to make us a great baby. Okay, I guess I can believe that.

Finally, please don’t think me greedy for asking for more favours even though you’ve acted on my case file. I have a few good friends who are still waiting patiently for their turn to receive the same good news. Please don’t forget about them okay? And if it’s not too much to ask, could you consider imposing a worldwide ban on urinary tract infections? I hear that UTI is absolutely nasty and it’s getting in the way of my friends who are trying really hard to conceive. Removing UTI from the face of this earth will make you very popular with women all over the world. Trust me.

I not sure if it’s penned in your schedule (I’m sure you have much bigger and more important things to do), but I’m going for my first ultrasound scan tomorrow morning. Please please please let us be able to see a heart (or two) beating and please let the embryo/s have implanted themselves in the right place (i.e. in the womb proper and not somewhere midway in the plumbing system.)

I’ve been worrying quite a bit about this but just tonight, while sitting on the couch eating ice-cream (it was the hunger pangs speaking) and watching an episode of Clone Wars (okay, Dan was watching; I was just eating), this phrase flashed across the screen:ย Fear not for the Future. Weep not for the Past. It’s an awfully good piece of advice and certainly struck a chord in me. I didn’t know you spoke through Star Wars. You are one hip guy indeed, Mr God. I bet you have your very own lightsaber and Jedi outfit.

Well, thanks for listening and for everything that you have done for us. Have a good year ahead. See you around.

Regards, Yi Lin

PS. Don’t forget about my friends who want babies too! (just a gentle reminder….)

c/c Family, Friends and Readers

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Posted on : January 2, 2011

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Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

January 5th, 2011 at 1:47 pm    

Thank you all for being so happy for us! And for praying for a smooth pregnancy. Much much MUCH appreciated. So far so good – whatever I’ve been eating is staying in. I’m counting my blessings already.

Celine: Dan has been awesome – driving me everywhere, giving me backrubs and feeding me whatever I feel like eating. I’m being spoilt already.

Jamie: You shouldn’t worry about looking ignorant before a doctor. It’s their job to advise you on every single thing you want to know about conceiving. Although from experience, the nurses can also be a good source on information too, so turn to them too for help. During the IVF process, we met with one of the doctors rostered for duty at the IVF Centre (i.e. he’s not my IVF specialist, just the duty doc) He asked if I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome – he said it so fast that I couldn’t catch what he said and asked “What’s that?” HIs reply was, “Oh if you haven’t heard of it then I assume that you don’t have it” which was a terribly unprofessional reply. I gave my feedback to KKH and they were very apologetic, even to the extent of arranging a meeting with the said doctor so that he could apologise and explain to me what PCOS was. So don’t let your gynae brush you off if you have lots of questions to ask – just ask.

*BABY DUST ALL AROUND!! POOF!!* (if you don’t want it, dodge quick!)

Ms Happy

January 4th, 2011 at 7:33 am    

Yi Lin & Dan! I am so very happy to hear the good news! I pray that your pregnancy will be smooth and worry-free and you will have a healthy happy beautiful baby in you arms real soon.

Sprinkle some baby dust over here ya. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alexandra Khoo

January 4th, 2011 at 6:35 am    

Congratulations! Happy to hear that you’ve conceived. Take care.


January 4th, 2011 at 2:40 am    

So happy for you ๐Ÿ™‚ Take really good care of yourself. A word to Dan, he needs to treat you like a princess for the next few weeks, make that the next 9 months!

Scarlett Ting

January 3rd, 2011 at 9:27 am    

I can’t express my elation enough that your prayers are answered.

I pray the pregnancy will be a breeze and that you’ll have a smooth delivery to a lovely and healthy baby! Take care and I look forward to all the updates soon to come!

*jumps around in joy* am really very very very happy for you.


January 3rd, 2011 at 8:51 am    

I have been secretly “stalking” ur blog. Was so happy for you when you told us ur great news. I am going down to see the gyna at KK next week for a checkup cos we have been trying hard to get a baby too. Any advise what to ask the gyna as it my 1st visit, I dnt want to sound stupid when I see him.

miss ene

January 3rd, 2011 at 1:57 am    

This entry nearly brought a tear to my eye. Sniff.

Great post as usual – Heartfelt with a touch of wittiness. I (triple) like!

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