31 December 2010, by Jaime Teo

Closing 2010

I can’t remember which year it was, but I made this ONE resolution that I’ve resolutely kept all these years — “Do Not Make Any New Year Resolutions”. The rationale behind that is, if a resolution is going to produce a better and improved version of me, why wait til the New Year to start, right? Immediacy is usually the better option versus procrastination (unless it’s a temptation).

(On a side note, that is also the reason why I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day -why wait til that one day to show your love?).

So what do I do at the end of every year if not make new resolutions for the New Year? I count my blessings for the year that has passed.

2010 has been a life changing year for me (duh!) It’s the year I became a mother and so many things have changed because of that.

I remember asking my mother when I was in my mid-twenties, if being a mother meant that you suddenly become a different person. Y’know, if a light suddenly switches on (or off). Or if you will magically have the answers to everything and know exactly what to do all the time. She gave my question serious thought and answered me “No leh. You’re still the same person.”

That answer was reassuring to me although a little disappointing at the same time. I’d like to still be me but at the same time, I had hoped that I’d be more just because.

Now that I am, I see how my mother had to give that question thought. I AM the same me but yet different. There are times I am at a loss as to what to do but there is always comfort in knowing that generations of women have walked this walk before me. And there is comfort in knowing that I am trying to the best of my ability — so long as every decision is rooted in love.

It makes me see the mothers I know in a different light just because I’ve ‘crossed over’. I appreciate and empathize more. And this year, family ties are stronger because it’s so natural to embrace family and to want to strengthen ties so that Renee knows who family is. Perhaps we have taken it too much for granted before her arrival.

In addition, I think the bond between me and the man has never been stronger. Raising a child together is a big deal. I mean — it is the only time someone who used to be a complete stranger, can become your relative by blood. Heavy duty stuff huh =)

This is also the year we decided on getting a house help — thankfully, she is efficient and good with Renee and not at all the scary nightmare we have heard about house helps! That is a big blessing!! If you think about it, you spend a lot more time with your househelp than any relative so it is very important that the relationship there works.

All in all, 2010 has been a year about rediscovering family =) I guess we all need time to work out different aspects of our lives…

Less than 6 hours to go before 2011 arrives! Bring it on!!

PS: Hope you have many blessings to count too and that your 2011 is bigger and better than 2010!

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