26 December 2010, by Dannie Cho

Upping the Karma

“Do you ever dream of your own funeral?”

If you are a Gleek that eagerly catches every episode the moment it is available, then you would probably recognise this line. Rachel was giving Kurt advice on which solo to perform for his audition in his new glee club.

Rachel then goes on to say that she does, and she dreams of her boyfriend and all her other friends lamenting at her funeral, finally realising what a star she was, now that she’s gone.

Well, I’ve never dreamt of my funeral, and even if I did, I don’t think it would be anything like Rachel’s. What I want to do, though, is to do good whenever I can, whenever it’s feasible. And the year-end holiday season just gives you plenty of chances to do good.

Here are some of the things I’ve done to up my karma:

Bought a goat

There was a Worldvision-sponsored Tree of Life at Vivocity, right outside Honeymoon

Dessert. Upon closer inspection at the tree, I realised that the tree was decorated with pictures of children all over the world, with wishes for presents that can really make a difference in their lives.

Hey, not a baa-aad idea!

I think the tree might be gone by now, but the Worldvision website is still taking in donations.

Miles for Smiles

Being one of those people who drives quite a fair bit because of work, I was of course inundated with Class 95FM’s Miles for Smiles drive to literally put a smile on children’s faces. The charity helps pay for corrective surgery for children with cleft lips or other facial deformities, thereby giving them a decent chance at a normal life.

While I totally missed the babelicious Jean Danker and Bobby Tonelli along East Coast Park (they were supposed to be near Big Splash while I was driving down ECP, but I didn’t see them), the publicity drummed up was enough for me to recognise the tin can when I was paying for Christmas shopping at Robinson’s.

“Thunk! Clink!” My loose change made some pretty satisfying sounds as they dropped into the mostly empty can.

Salvation Army

Sometimes, taking public transport makes more sense for me. I do try not to drive myself around unless it can’t be helped. That, more often than not, means taking the train. And moving in and out of the train stations, you can’t help but notice the army of Salvation Army volunteers (I think they must have activated the Salvation Air Force and Salvation Navy too!) ringing their bells and exhorting the busy, mostly self-absorbed passers-by to donate just that bit for charity.

“Thunk! Clink!” My loose change finds another home, and I have reason to feel good again.

Bloodbank @ HSA

I was clearing a day’s leave the Wednesday right before Christmas, and was thinking of things to do to fill my time. My eyes lit on a card which I got after a previous blood donation. Coincidentally, the card stated that I will be able to give blood again on 22 Dec, the Wednesday that I was on leave. Ahh… what the heck. I have a rare blood type that is ALWAYS in demand. Might as well, right?

Pic from my previous donation

Thing is, giving blood is one of the simplest, yet most impactful thing you can do to help another human being. And despite my claim that my blood type is always in demand, I’m also sure that other blood types are constantly being sought after too.

Now, I’m not saying anything, but this is the one year in my life that I really upped my contributions to the various charities. My karma must have skyrocketed like nobody’s business and the beings in power have finally decided that it is time for MY hopes and dreams to come true.

The wife tested positive after her second round of IVF. Barring any ill-fortune, I will be a father in the 3rd quarter of 2011.

Happy Holidays, everyone!



January 3rd, 2011 at 9:16 am    

Congratulations, karma level ka-chinked!!


December 29th, 2010 at 6:01 am    

Congrats! Daddy-to-be!!

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