27 November 2010, by Tan Yi Lin

Progress: A Sneak Preview

Oooh, exciting times are ahead!

Progress has started on ‘Round 2: The Frozen Cycle’ – sounds like a sequel to ‘Part 1: Fresh Eggs and Sperm’ that ran from July to September earlier in Q3 of 2010, huh? 🙂

So, we last left off at the onset of my last period, which Dannie so grandly announced to the general public in his previous post – in nice, bright, red font – no less. How appropriate. He might as well have had rolled out the full red carpet treatment for my menses…

Despite the ‘bah, humbug’ mood of the unwanted arrival (because it crushed all secret hopes of a miraculous conception), I was quite excited about finally getting to call the KKH IVF Centre to report the grand event. I think it would have been pretty cool if the IVF nurse had called ME to fix the next appointment because they had read about my period on the MaybeBaby blog…. but unfortunately, it was too much to hope for that they would actually know us from our blogs.

You see, Dan and I are such famous celebrity bloggers that we have to remain incognito and keep our true identities under wrap, even from our own doctors and nurses… Being a famous blogger is a dangerous job. But somebody has to do it.

OK, FINE. I’M LYING. No one at KKH is tracking our IVF progress on our blogs. We are just like any other patient at the IVF Centre. I have to call the general hotline, wait my turn and fix an appointment to see the doctor. Just like everybody else.

Being un-famous sucks!

With yesterday being Day 10 of the new menstrual cycle, I arrived at KKH at 10am for an ultrasound scan.

The IVF Centre was incredibly crowded for a Friday mid-morning appointment. I usually see a full waiting room only on Monday and Saturday mornings. Even then, the crowd thins out by 11am. But that day, it didn’t. The nurses were in full flurry trying to cater to the crowd. The nurse explained that appointments had piled up due to the two recent Public Holidays but I wondered whether it could be due to an influx of cases from Thomson Medical Centre following the much-publicised IVF mix-up case.

I scanned the room. If you had walked into this waiting room without knowing why all these couples were here, you would probably never have guessed that this was the IVF Centre. The crowd looked younger than what one might expect of couples having difficulty conceiving. No barren, old, shrivelled ovaries and sperm sacs past the age of forty here. Scary? Yes. So hear ye, hear ye: infertility is not a symptom of old age.

During my turn, the sonographer stuck a camera up my privates for the upteenth time (I really cannot remember how many such scans I have undergone) and snapped photographs of my insides.

After that, I was given a teeny weeny plastic cup to pee into, as part of an ovulation test. I looked at the cup in hand.

It was a frickin’ sauce container.

You know, the type you get at food stalls when you dapao lunch from a hawker centre. Those tiny containers that contain green chilli, red chilli, soya sauce, mayonnaise, etc? Well, I had to pee into that!!

It looked like a ridiculously impossible task. A Barbie doll’s head would have been bigger than that so-called cup.

Firstly, I am not a guy. We girls are not biologically equipped with external hoses that we can use to dictate where our bodily fluids go.

To make things worse, I have very bad aim. Insanely bad. I do not – and cannot – play games or sports that require some degree of aiming. Such as pool, golf, archery, all racquet sports and any game that requires me to shoot balls into baskets.

And finally – this is quite embarrassing to admit – I’m scared to death of touching my own pee. Seriously, who isn’t? It’s gross. I’m the type who uses loads of toilet paper. I know that four squares are supposedly thick enough for use when folded over. But adding 50% contingency *just in case* wouldn’t kill too many trees right? I hope not *gulp*

Why couldn’t they have given me a normal-sized plastic drinking cup? Or at least a funnel. I momentarily toyed with the idea of ripping a page out of my 8-Days magazine to roll into a paper cone to channel the pee into the itsy bitsy cup. But I really didn’t feel like sacrificing a page from my yet unread mag.

So I worked with whatever equipment that God had bestowed on Eve at the dawn of mankind, aimed in the general direction of the cup and washed my hands VERY THOROUGHLY after that. Be assured that if you spot me on the street, it’s safe to shake my hand.

The doctor then interpreted the results:

1) Ultrasound scan: the developing follicle measured 14mm in diameter and the uterine lining, 7mm.

2) Ovulation test: the presence of only one blue line instead of two on pee stick meant that I was not yet ovulating.

The target: to achieve two blue lines for the pee test, an additional 2mm growth in the developing follicle and an 8mm-thick uterine lining. This would mean that my body will be ready to receive the two remaining frozen embryos soon after.

It’s not that I can do anything to hit the target anyway – except to wait. The nurse issued me with two new pee sticks and strict instructions on what to do:

1) Pee onto one stick on Saturday morning: if both blue lines show up, come into KKH for a scan right away

2) If only one blue line appears, pee onto the other stick on Sunday morning: regardless of the results, come into KKH for a scan on Monday morning

And if that wasn’t clear enough already, a second nurse flipped the piece of paper over and started drawing a step-by-step illustrative guide on how to read the results on the ovulation test kit. I guess alot of people regularly screw up their pee test huh.

Well here it is: The Dummies’ Guide To The Pee Stick Test

That was yesterday.

Today, being Saturday, I woke up at 8.30am and did my pee test. I did better at aiming into the sauce container this time round. I guess practice makes perfect. I just didn’t know that the phrase applied to peeing accurately and neatly into a cup.

The result:

Nope, the time isn’t ripe just yet.

I wasn’t too disappointed, really. I really didn’t expect the developing follicle to balloon by 2mm overnight anyway. Yeah, I’ve been popping folic acid supplements daily, but it’s not like it’s a super growth hormone for your ovary. I gladly climbed back into bed and slept blissfully till noon. I guess since we don’t have kids, we might as well take full advantage of such privileges that only non-parents can enjoy. (So nyeah nyeah to those poor tired parents who climbed out of bed at 7am today! Be envious. Be very envious. Or at least pretend to be, just to make us happy can?)

The cycle repeats tomorrow morning.

So watch out for ‘Round 2: The Frozen Cycle’, starring non other than faaaaaamous (well, not really, but we try) bloggers Yi Lin & Dannie, coming to your computer screens this December! Industry sources say that it’s rated 5 out of 5 ‘popcorns’.

And remember, you read it first right here on the MaybeBaby blog 🙂


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Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

December 5th, 2010 at 3:08 pm    

Thank you *fingers crossed* Maybe by then I’ll be slightly more famous and maternity wear and milk powder endorsements will come my way! *fingers fingers crossed crossed*


November 29th, 2010 at 2:38 pm    

You are famous in my eyes! And keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed for December…

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