6 November 2010, by Tan Yi Lin

In Transit

I am writing this while on transit in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We are on our way to Rome (I won a free ticket courtesy of Zuji, remember?) and I decided that seven hours should be sufficient time to churn out a new entry before we board our next flight just after midnight. The fact that there is free WiFi at Coffee Bean is a major perk and that the cafe is deliciously empty and quiet, except for some nice piped-in background music – very conducive for writing. It also helps that we have loads of Sri Lankan rupees to spare from our past, say, seven visits to this country together, so we can down drinks like nobody’s business while seated here. We have a stash of leftover rupees because we used to visit or transit in Sri Lanka pretty often en route to the Maldives and India, when Dan was working with Srilankan Airlines and when I was trying my hand at being a travel agent. This was pretty much where we first met 🙂

Just before I left the office on Thursday, my boss asked me when I would be going on off again. My mind hit a blank – until it dawned on me that he was referring to my impending medical leave – for Round 2 of our first IVF cycle using the two remaining frozen embryos.

I realised then that I had completely forgotten that Round 2 might happen as soon as end-November – in about two weeks time. The exact dates depend on the results of an ultrasound scan that will be done when we return from Italy. His question had taken my completely by surprise, which was, on afterthought, not a bad thing cos it was a reflection of my current state of mind – calm, relaxed and unexpectant about this whole trying-for-a-baby situation. I’ve also managed to keep myself occupied while waiting for Round 2, without having to try too hard at all. Life seems to just fall into place – and into my calendar: work projects, socialising with friends and colleagues, spending time with the family, scrounging up a costume for Halloween parties, preparing for this Italy trip, reading, writing/blogging and planning ahead for the office D&D, a department Girls’ Night Out and a possible Bintan trip. Gosh, life without kids is awfully busy already.

I’m also thankful that there is no pressure from our family to hurry up and get on with Round 2. Well, not from those family members who matter anyway. The parents-in-law were awfully sweet that day – they told us to take it easy and to take our time, which is comforting because while we’re trying not to waste any time here, my mind isn’t exactly screaming, “I WANT THOSE CUTE BOOTIES RIGHT NOW!” No, more often than not, it’s muttering in envy, “I want those luscious pregnancy boobies right now.” Yes, I have my priorities in order. The baby boobies come before the baby booties, right?

So, on the subject of passing time while we’re on transit – both at the airport now and in our IVF cycle, I decided to try some online quizzes to determine what type of parent I would be. I mean, there are only so many iPhone apps that one can play with over seven hours without getting bored of shooting birds at pigs, identifying national flags (yes, it’s a geeky aspiration of mine to recognise all the flags of the world) and guessing titles of movies from scenes drawn with stickmen (Doodle Movie – go download it!)

The quizzes provide various parenting scenarios and you pick from a range of options how you think you would react as a parent in each situation. One of the quizzes gave me this result:

Your Result: Teacher

You are your child’s best teacher. You are usually serious and very mature in every situation, and you will teach your child to be a mature gentleman or lady. You are calm, polite and respectful and you will teach your child those very important skills. When your kids are upset, they usually come to you for venting and comfort, and are able to trust you with anything.

Aw, that’s nice. I had to agree that it sounded very much like me. Not bad, this quiz is pretty accurate!

The results also rated me on the following parenting aspects:

Perfect: Quite perfect (although it doesn’t elaborate on what it means to be a perfect parent – if there is even such a thing)

Friendly (as in how much of a friend to your child are you): More of a parent than a friend, but still pretty friendly

Bossy: Not too bossy (I suppose that’s a good thing – to be able to get your kids to do things without being a total Control-Freak-Pyschopath mother)

Drama: Zero rating (Well, you can’t be calm and dramatic at the same time, so that’s kinda expected. Plus, I’m a Libra – we’re supposedly the cold, calculated, thinking types. Complete mind machines with no penchant for emotional drama.)

Fun: Low

Hey, wait a sec… did I just get rated LOW on the fun scale? Humph. Stupid quiz.

Well, only time will tell how true these quiz results are. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting out of transit and moving on to the next leg of our journey. This has been a welcomed break in the journey and while we’re not in a big hurry to rush to Rome or jump into parenthood, it would be nice to get to the next stage. And we’re looking forward to making some progress either way.


Tan Yi Lin

Yi Lin

November 14th, 2010 at 10:37 pm    

Thanks Evon! We had a nice time visiting the Italian cities and a little bit of Tuscany. Will be blogging about the trip soon in our travel blog. We’re glad to be home though – enough of wintry temperatures (albeit mild, since we were in Italy) – chilly nights, too many layers of clothes, static in the air, dry skin and runny noses are a hindrance to baby-making!


November 7th, 2010 at 9:17 am    

Have an enjoyable trip!

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