25 October 2010, by Jaime Teo

The Half Year Mark (Part 1)

The magic number for Renee, is the 6 month mark – so many noteworthy things are happening at this time! Firstly, her hair is no longer anti gravity!!

Actually we’re not sure if it’s cos her hair is longer and therefore comes down, or because of Dan’s hair blowing techniques. Dan has always been the one who bathes and blows dry her hair. During our house move, I took over because he was busy with renovations. We exclaimed over how it looked like her hair was finally coming down until Dan took over the hairdryer again. Poof! Anti gravity hair! It may well be that her hair was the way it was for the first 5 months of her life because of Dan in his bid to make her look more like him!

Secondly, she can sit!

In a bumbo chair…

And unassisted (under very watchful eyes!)

Thirdly, she has even started on solids!!

It’s such an exciting time! Watching her grow and being there for her firsts is very rewarding. It makes me feel bad about secretly feeling like she was taking such a long time to grow in her first few months.

Maybe because all she did then was drink, sleep, poo and cry every day and night. (Not always in that order. Sometimes she multitasks, with drinking and pooing being her all time favourite combo.) Monotony makes time goes slower.

Maybe because the nights feel so long and I’m always tired during the days.

When friends come, they tell me “She’s 3(or 4 or 5) months old already? So fast!” I shake my head and think “It feels like a year has passed. Has it only been so few months?”

But recently, time seems to have suddenly accelerated. It’s true what they say about it being darkest just before dawn – the beginning of this period of change was a few weeks of sleep regression where I seriously felt every 24 hour of every day. She began to only sleep for short periods of time and kept waking up in the night. My trusty advisor (Google) says it’s normal for babies at this age to keep waking up to practice the new skills they’re trying to learn.

That makes sense — Renee (at 5mth plus) could turn from her back to her front. Then she’d cry for help because her hands got stuck underneath her and she didn’t know how to pull them out, or she wants to be on her back again and didn’t know how to turn back.

After she learnt how to free her hands from underneath her and could occasionally turn back by herself, she got busy learning something else – How to crawl. That is a little tough for her cos she doesn’t really have a good sense of her legs. So she uses her hands to push herself backward.

So how this works at night, is that she’d start out asleep (I observed this on consecutive nights). With closed eyes, she turns onto her front, does a pushup so her chest is away from the bed, and then pushes herself backward til her two little arms are straight above her head. Then she’d bring her arms back to her sides to repeat the pushup. This motion slowly wakes her up and she’d be wide eyed by the time she is at the end of the cot.

When she was learning to turn, I could put her back to sleep before she cried herself awake. But with this crawling episode, she stayed up anytime from half an hour to three hours! At 2am, that feels like a very long time.

Mothers around me suggest that maybe she was getting too much sleep in the day which was why she had so much energy in the night. Google tells me that this is a phase that will pass (but how long?!?)

So to preserve my sanity and still have friends and a husband when the phase ends, I started on a new game plan.

<to be cont’d>


Jaime Teo

Jaime Teo

November 8th, 2010 at 2:23 am    

thank you for the love!!


October 25th, 2010 at 2:32 am    

OMGGIE SO CUTE!! CONGRATS!! sooo chubby!! soo cute!! so rosy!!

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